HTC ChaCha

We've seen it sitting in the FCC with AT&T's 3G bands on board, so it only makes sense that we're now seeing the HTC ChaCha show up with some AT&T branding as well. Still now word on when the Facebook phone will get an official release but if you look for some clues in the photos you can see the date shows the Mobile World Congress announcement and next to it, July 17. Take from that what you will.

Source: Pocketnow


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HTC ChaCha gets caught with AT&T branding


These phone names are killing me on the inside, slowly. I'd rather go through the trouble of saying "It's a HTC, BlackBerry style Android" instead of "It's the ChaCha."

Next they are going to start naming phones like: Function, Within, Attain. Oh, wait....

That is only good for a relatively small population of tech geeks. The general population however, identified things by name, which is why they do this. My parents for example would never identify it as "blackberry style." All they know is its a phone with a keyboard. Nor does the general population take time pouring over specs and the OS it runs. In general, people buy things because it takes great pictures, browses the webs, and does a bunch of cool things. Tech geeks will identify devices as Android devices with a 1 ghz dual core processor. The mass population is not comprised of tech geeks. They need to sell to the masses. And giving an identifiable name/title is the best way to identify them.

The other picture shows february 15, so my guess is the july 17 might be coincidence? This is just another phone for teens (but it will be nice to get more android phones into kids hands, and Iphones out!)

With this phone's custom UI, unique design and AT&Ts spectacular support, I foresee frequent and regular updates in this device's future.


Since RIM is on a downslope, this looks like the next decent portrait QWERTY phone to hit the market, there's very few of those outside of Blackberry and iNQ. I've used the Motorola Charm and it's a piece of giant garbage, but HTC are good at making their phones good, so this looks good (except get rid of the Facebook pulsing button).

I hope more portrait QWERTY phones hit the market outside of Blackberries, I've been using a virtual keyboard on my Desire and LG Optimus One and I still can't stand it so I went back to Blackberry for the keyboard.