HTC ChaCha with AT&T 3G

Aside from the HTC ChaCha landing on O2 in the UK, it has now also popped up at the FCC in the U.S. wearing AT&T 3G bands. That doesn't necessarily mean it'll arrive on AT&T but it has the capability to run on their network should it be offered up to them by HTC. If you're into full QWERTY keyboards and fun little dedicated Facebook buttons then this is the device you'll want to be adding to your collection. If not, well -- you'll want to be moving on then now, won't you?

Source: FCC; via: Engadget


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HTC ChaCha with AT&T 3G goes through FCC testing


I saw one in Atlanta on the subway he was playing angry birds with the little screen. Not a bad looking phone but ill stick with my EVO. It was an old couple his wife had an iPhone 3gs

i can 100% tell you this is coming to Telus in Canada, as well as possibly coming to their budget carrier Koodo.
heard this from a HTC product rep that was actively testing a pre-production unit.