The picture above was taken the day the Nexus One launched. In focus, the glorious Nexus One. In the background, HTC CEO Peter Chou proudly standing behind it. And at the time, the Nexus One was the best Android phone available (heck, it still might be). He had the right to be proud. But how does he feel now? Is he still happy with the Nexus One? After all the customer mishaps and relatively disappointing sales numbers, can the CEO of HTC still proudly hold the Nexus One?

You bet.

Chou says that the Nexus One is a success because Google's goal with the Nexus One was to "show how good Android can be" and "in that regard, [he] thinks it has been an achievement." We agree, the Nexus One (along with the Droid) brought Android into a different light and re-introduced Android as a true contender in the smartphone space. And though sales haven't been stellar, Chou echoes our statement, that "considering Google didn't do [standard] retail or marketing for it, the Nexus One is doing pretty well."

Sure, we can take this as typical CEO-speak but there's something to be said when a company is focused on building the best phone possible as opposed to marketing a phone to become the most popular; that success for them can be measured in something other than sales figures. It's no accident that the Evos, the Desires, the Legends, of the Android world are all made by HTC--they focus on building great devices. So say what you want about the Nexus One, success or not, we're just glad HTC is in Android's corner.

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HTC CEO says Nexus One is a success


I suspect Verizon is worried that a new product launch could blunt the incredible momentum they've built for Droid. At this point, they would probably prefer to focus their marketing and promotional capabilities on a proven product. Launching the Nexus One might siphon some VZW resources that might otherwise go towards building on the Droid's proven success. Granted, the Nexus One online-only business model seems to allow space for both the Droid and N1 without much interference (especially considering the nature of the N1 AT&T launch), but I can't think of another reasonable explanation for Verizon keeping the N1 launch so quiet.

Um Verizon isn't launching this device, Google is. Verizon has nothing to do with the timing of the release. It wont be in stores. It wont be on the VZW website. It will only be available from and all banner adds will link back there.

And yes they are focusing on the Droid, as of right now it is the best smartphone on their network.

I'm from Canada and used to work for TELUS, a Canadian CDMA carrier. It might have a little to do with Verizon because they have to allow the the ESN to be registered on their network. Its not as simple as switching a SIM card I believe? You have to actually register the ESN with Verizon so they may be partnering up on this release.

Then I guess we can proclaim the Edsel a success! What a bunch of horse crap. Google's failed sales model killed this phone before it got off the ground. It you want to sell something give it to the open market and let it have a chance to sell.

(For those that don't know the Edsel (named after Edsel Ford) was a car the Ford Motor Car Company introduced in 1958 which was produced in 1958, 1959 and was the biggest flop in automotive history.)

I think you all are missing the point behind the Nexus One. Its a standard bearer for Google phones giving Google some influence on how the family of Android phones should be constructed. I don't see it as being meant to compete with the likes of Droid or directly with the iphone. Why would Google undercut the various companies its partnered with to produce Android phones? I think its low key release is appropriate. And for Verizon customers, is it really correct to say its that much of an improvement over a Droid? I don't think so and many have argued that in some ways the Droid is better. I think using sales as the only metric of success is wrong and we might find that the Nexus One has indeed influenced phones like the EVO and a few other devices being released this summer, making it successful in its intended purpose.

I suspect you're right. If we see a Verizon Nexus One launch, it will resemble the utilitarian AT&T Nexus One launch. I wouldn't be surprised if it appeared unceremoniously on the site sometime over the next few weeks, with only an announcement from Google to celebrate its arrival.

Obviously there's something to all the launch rumors, but everyone was probably mistaken to assume Verizon would be desperate to make a big splash with a phone they won't even be carrying in stores.

I still think of Nexus as the standard for the generation. This is almost like the dev phones of generations past. It defines the basic hardware spec of the current generation and can be purchased unlocked for use on any compatible carrier. The fact that they made some attempt at selling it is an improvement over the past dev models.

I think you're all missing the HUGE fact that as soon as a new version of Android is released, you KNOW the Nexus One users will be first to have it. None of this waiting for a carrier to put all their BS on the system and decide when to release it. Access to new Android releases first and excellent hardware to run it? Yes, please.

That's exactly why I'm glad I own a Nexus One. It will work great for me for the next couple of years and will be up to date during that time. When I'm ready to replace my N1, Google will surely be selling a far better N3 or N4 (or whatever they name their other phones) that will be up to date as well.

and that's exactly why I WANT a Nexus One. Yeah other handsets bring a lot to the table, and some of the new ones that we are starting to get details about this week may be in many ways superior, BUT none of them are gonna get Android 2.2 etc as soon as Google releases them...

I agree with the article. I was with AT&T for many years and content. But when our Son & Daughter in Law showed up with Hero's at Christmas, I was impressed. Sprint gave me a deal I couldn't refuse on my Social Security income, I mean a "deal". Foot, I am one of the great unwashed mass who had never even heard of HTC. My oldest Grandson ragged me with his iPhone and now he envies me some of my Hero features. I look forward to 2.1 and I will not have any problem being patient waiting for Sprint's upgrade program to kick in. I have not had one issue with Sprint/Hero, and the call quality beats anything I have experienced going all the way back to PacTel in the 80's. I may now be a "geezer", but I love the speed at which cell phone tech is changing, just like PC's in the 80's.

LOL, good to see older people are able to get in on the fun. These phones really do make life easier. I reminisce sometimes about the days of corner pay phones, paper maps, address books, and the Sony Walkman. If you lived in the City you needed a bag pack just to go anywhere. Man how things have changed.

The intent of the Nexus One (and also the Droid) is to define what Android can be given the right mixture of hardware, phone design, and software. I know I love my N1 (my precious).

When I called my local Verizon store yesterday they said the phones were shipping from Google, not from Verizon warehouses which is why they don't know a specific date until the ship has happened and it's in the computer. They are not taking "pre-orders" but they are marking in your account if you want to be called when they get them in the store. And to whoever said the Edsel was the worst automobile flop in history, I believe that award goes to the Yugo.

I also do not believe Google built the N1 to trump other phones in sales. Some of you guys don't realize that often a company with pockets as deep as Google's, it's about building brand reputation, even if it means less than stellar sales performance. Prime example of this would be Microsoft and it's Xbox (1st Gen).

I'm happy to be one of the many (but few) N1 owners.

Verizon Verizon Verizon...blah blah....boring.
It is not all about US and one carrier there.
Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin America, Africa - people there also love smartphones. And would like to buy N1, but...hey..not available