HTC Butterfly S

A worthy successor to the original Butterfly with some HTC One influences

HTC has just unveiled the successor to its flagship Butterfly device from last year at an event in Taiwan, and it is indeed named the Butterfly S as previously rumored. As the name would lead you to believe, this is a mild refresh to the original handset, borrowing many features from its cousin the HTC One. The Butterfly S is packing dual front-facing BoomSound speakers as well as an UltraPixel camera, keeping the same 5-inch 1080P display.

On the inside, the specs have been bumped to a 1.9GHz Snapdragon 600 processor, alongside 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and a notably large 3200mAh battery. This Taiwanese version has a simple quad-band HSPA+ radio on-board.

Being that it has been announced at a localized event in Taiwan, we have no indication of the Butterfly S ever making it to Western markets. But for the local market we're looking at a price of about NT $22,900 (~$765 USD) for the device. Given the similarity of specs and styling of the One and Butterfly S -- not to mention the big marketing push behind the One in the West -- we wouldn't expect too much overlap in offering the handsets in the same market.

Source: Engadget

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Monarchtron says:

I heard it was coming with expandable storage? :o hence the polycarbonate build.

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ciph3ro says:

Was hoping it would be made of metal at that price.

Can't wait for reviews though! Bigger battery helps a lot :)

rafaelluik says:

Yep it says it has expandable storage SD card support at HTC's website.

LegacyEvoAce says:

Is it 4 ultra pixel as well?

Mrshades says:

I really like the red and black. Looks hot as hell!

I wouldn't trade my One for it, but it is nice.

mwara244 says:

Red and Black, sounds like a Verizon version. Verizon will get it and probably call it the Droid One, since the original Butterfly was identical to the DNA. Leave it to verizon to screw up the one

Linebarrel86 says:

Expandable storage and a bigger battery?

This sounds like an upgrade to the One itself.

If Verizon got this there would be zero need for the One.

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ronzkie21 says:

Tons of need for it on other networks. Screw Verizon. I'm staying with T-Mo.

Linebarrel86 says:

As much as I dislike Verizon, at least they've covered the majority of the US.

All this praise for TMo is a bit unwarranted seeing as they still have huge gaps in their coverage here in the US. All their 'pros' are hindered by literally millions of people who simply can't try their network since their footprint is so much smaller than its competitors...

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NoNexus says:

It is unwarranted for most but for the others the price point and the gsm/nexus tie in makes it worth it.

I am in a decent sized city, a state capitol, and Tmo is terrible here. Maybe in dc or nyc it is worth it

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TheNexusMan says:

Terrible in NYC too.

Hiberny says:

I've had only good service in NYC, Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.

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mwara244 says:

In Misoouri and Illinois tmo drops out once you leave 2 miles away from a mojor highway, if you are in a city or township of 50 K it will be ok, but I wouldnt use Tmo if you like to travel by car great distances.

I'll never go back to Tmo after they tried to stick me with an ETF after I paid a large amount to break my contract and go to the Month to Month plan back in 2009 that their own CS representative suggested I do for better deal. Also they never replaced my sony phone with battery and charging issues that was still under a year long warranty in the 11 month, screw T-Mo

Ratnok says:

Speak for yourself. Just because you live in hillbillyghettosuburbs doesn't mean the rest of us do.

In fact, the majority of us don't.

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NoNexus says:

I would hardly call the Harrisburg to Philly to Baltimore triangle hillbillyghettosuburbs. Tmo coverage sucks in this rather large area. Now I will give you that it has been a little over a year since I had to use it last, so maybe it has improved, but in the area I laid out, Sprint runs circles around Tmo.


I was very careful to qualify my answer but saying that coverage for others may be good.

don't just blindly defend for the sake of doing it.

Linebarrel86 says:


What an amazingly stupid thing to say.

If what you say were necessarily true, then you must be poor since you can't afford to pay for Verizon's superior network.

Saying someone must apparently live in a ghetto or suburban area as an excuse for TMo failings is fairly ignorant.

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mwara244 says:

Red and Black, sounds like a Verizon version. Verizon will get it and probably call it the Droid One, since the original Butterfly was identical to the DNA. Leave it to verizon to screw up the one

tigeryee says:

red and black is my favorite color, and the no logo middle is better than the HTC One set up

epps720 says:


fierro951 says:


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Jaredshoes says:

Jesus christ that battery size is sexy

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epps720 says:

lol, really jealous of that huge battery

mtmerrick says:

This is what the HTC One should have been.

Most definitely. I thought it was 4.7 inches because of Boomsound. Do you think it'll sound as good here as on the One with the smaller speaker grilles?

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miwaca says:

I'm going to be that guy and say this should have 32gb of storage instead. On another note, what is the point of the Butterfly S? What advantages are there over the One?

Linebarrel86 says:

Larger battery. Expandable Storage. Polycarbonate build. Bigger screen. Normal button setup.

The question should be: Why not release this phone instead of the One?

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techymarkbo says:

My thoughts exactly... I was hoping for these specs on the One. The 5" display, big battery, and expandable storage.. Why wouldn't they have made this their flagship device of the year? A$$ backwards.

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MarkSeven says:


jpkerr1 says:

According to Slashgear's story the Butterfly S has a huge battery and Micro-SD expansion. Plus the back looks like plastic so there's a possibility it comes off. Replaceable battery maybe? Plus this explains why Verizon was so tight lipped about carrying the One, finally mentioning it will be available later this summer. This would make sense if they were already planning a big promo for the DNA 2 or whatever it will be called.

Droid DNA 2 here we go......

Arush Kakkar says:

HTC Butterfly S launched find out more with first look video!

smaberg says:

It had expandable storage up to 64 Gb.

This should be called HTC ONE +

tzhou1999 says:

HTC is doing butterfly and one as two different and Co-existing product lines.

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SpookDroid says:

THIS is what the HTC One needed to be for me to have considered it over the S4... bummer...

NoNexus says:


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Bert336 says:

I'm ready! Hope Verizon brings multiple colors! I don't care if its called the DNA 2... the DNA was/is a great phone still, besides the storage capacity.

Almost spit my coffee when i saw the mah rating on that htc battery.. I hope this is the direction htc is going with better batteries. That's ab impressive number.

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GMC MaXx says:

Yea battery! Hopefully this will start a trend of more mah's.

angiebugg says:

That looks sexy!! We better get that on Verizon - hope this all ties into their twitter account too.....nice looking phone....tick tock, let's go!!!

so its the HTC BS... cool name

Mobius360 says:

Possible HTC just made this my next phone. We'll see if T-Mobile picks this up.


One could always import the device. The problem is finding an import retailer selling this thing.

Exactly my dilemma...

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i still like the HTC ONE better this doesn't look or feel like a flagship phone it was only meant for Verizon. it will nevr come to Tmobile or at&t or sprint

fierro951 says:

This phone release along with the Verizon Droid marketing machine starting back up a few days ago? Coincidence? Let's get the rumor train rolling! DROID DNA II?

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DROID DNA2 ? I hope so, Verizon make it happen please!!

Daaang, this thing is a beauty... I would trade my One for this, but the lack of LTE is a big drawback. I've gotten used to 20 mbps speeds, and HSPA+ isn't that fast in my area.
Can anyone confirm that it's only HSPA+? Many high-end phones have LTE internationally nowadays...

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techymarkbo says:

I'm sure it is because it is to be released overseas. Lte would be on it here in the states if released here.

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dplane says:

Droid DNA=best droid branded phone ever. A DNA 2 with this Butterfly s specs would be awesome. Just hope that other than the battery capacity most of the internals will be identical to the one so Rom development is easier.

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beberobu says: