HTC mwc booth

It's no doubt that HTC is still committed to Android, announcing five new smartphones and a tablet at Mobile World Congress this morning. Their booth is no different, as there are Android decorations all over surrounding demo units of the intriguing products announced. 

Announcements this morning included:

Lots of exciting news. What has been your favorite announcement? Least favorite? Check out HTC's Facebook page for the full range of pictures of their booth in Barcelona. [Facebook]


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HTC booth at MWC dominated by Android


Sprint must be making them hold back on the EVO 2 thinking their going to sell some of them echo gimmicks.

The majority of Sprint users, which obviously excludes power-hungry Android users on this website, know that monthly costs are more important than having the latest-keep costs-up kind of phones. I have faith Sprint will release new powerphones soon. Perhaps next month like an Evo 2 or something similar.

I hope so... If they're taking the yearly Premier upgrades away (from most users) I'd like to hope it's because there's some great stuff coming; otherwise I'd be tempted to sell my EVO to pay the ETF and go back to AT&T. Their bandwith cap sucks but they did have faster speeds down here and the Atrix looks awesome.

"Lot's of exciting news"

From who? HTC? Where?

All I've seen is slightly updated rehash of last year's devices. In light of everything else that has been announced devicewise at CES and MWC, HTC's showing is outright lame. Not to say they don't have anything cool in the works, but they certainly didn't show it this time around.

I'm actually excited about the Flyer. I am a project manager of technical writers who write service publications for global trucks. Being able to do on the fly "pen-n-ink" write-ups on pdf's with a stylus is exciting. Like how HTC is thinking outside the box on that one. The ease of touch screen interface with the addition of layer style pen editing is a win in my book.

Yeah, I don't necessarily blame HTC for playing future releases close to the vest but... These re-releases are super lame. The LG Optimus 2X already launched, tho US carriers are still unknown. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is launching next month in Europe, ditto for the Moto Atrix on AT&T stateside, the VZW Moto Bionic isn't too far behind... Where's HTC's answer to all those next gen dual core phones?

I'm particularly underwhelmed by HTC's showing at MWC.

I was really looking forward to seeing some much newer tech... dual-core phones, or something particularly innovative.

After seeing some truly amazing processors from nVidia with its Tegra2 and inclusion in some of the newer, still-unreleased phones, HTC's mild updates of existing phones is downright boring--and, more importantly, disappointing.

For instance, I'm not a huge fan of AT&T by any means, but the Atrix 4G looks to be an incredible new device.

Disclaimer: I'm an EVO 4G owner. I love my phone, and feel Sense is probably one of the best vendor-installed UI's, but I'm expecting a LOT more than minor updates to old hardware.

truly the SENSE make a big difference, i just got optimus v for the wife and is very plain on widget side, no calendars, no frame picture, no Weather and more... But once you find a replacement on Android Market, seems to not miss as much anymore... I think i can live with any other brand now. BTW $25 plans check it out if you need, i have my Evo on the employee plan on Sprint if "they" get 4'3 ill switch as well, same network anyways.

The evo 2 will come out in June or July. Just like the og. Same time ip4 came out and ip5 will come out. There is no reason to do it any other way. And as far as speed, I live in FL and there is 4g everywhere and sprint is the only one in town with it at the moment. I'm happy with downloading a 60 MB podcast in about 4 minutes on the go.

I for one am incredibly disappointed. I figured the lack of innovation at CES was because they were waiting for MWC. Other than the Flyer, which I think has a lot of well thought-out features, it's just boring updates to existing phones. I was really hoping they would announce the rumored Pyramid. I originally had my heart set on the Optimus 2x but thought if HTC announced the Pyramid soon I'd wait. Now I'm leaning back towards the Optimus 2x....