What have we here now? Looks like that HTC Bee leak that we saw with Alltel branding that just surfaced should have been a clear sign that it was coming, but we wouldn't have realized it would be just this soon! Shots were sent in from an Alltel location showing off the HTC Bee and the Desire dummy units, which is great for everyone still on Alltel waiting for some new Android choices. [via Droid-Life]


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HTC Bee and Desire dummy units arive at Alltel locations


It depends on where you are. Most of Alltel's subscribers are now on Verizon but there are some pockets that were turned over to AT&T.

Actually, there are pockets that are still alltel...not part of Verizon or att. There are around a million alltel subs left that will soon be rebranded allied wireless.

Alltel was bought by verizon as part of the regulatory approval scheme tVerizon had to divest certain territories out of the package most of those divested areas were bought by ATT. The cdma radio would have to be reflashed to verizon. it's theoretically possible.