HTC One Backup

A bit of good news tonight for those who have the AT&T HTC One. AT&T decided not to use HTC Backup -- which deftly does exactly what it says, backing up your phone via Dropbox -- in its version of the HTC One, which is a shame, because it works quite well. AT&T instead went a different route.

But tonight HTC has released the backup tool as a standalone app. You'll need to sign in with your HTC account, and it'll then back up and restore your phone through Dropbox instead of through Google, which previously was the only option. 

Repeat: If you don't have the AT&T HTC One, you don't need this.

And a quick note for those with the developer version (and quite possibly the developer version) of the HTC One: Having an AT&T SIM might let you install the app, but not let you run it, says ol' Jerry.


Reader comments

HTC Backup now available for the AT&T HTC One


I still don't understand why carriers should have a say in something like if a phone has something like this capability or not.

I doubt they could do that with Apple.

The default setting is to only back up when connected to WiFi. Not sure if it works without WiFi but even the occasional trip to Starbucks would keep you current.

I think you meant: "And a quick note for those with the *unlocked* version (and quite possibly the developer version) of the HTC One"

It keeps shutting down/crashing. Getting the message "Unfortunately HTC One Backup has stopped working". Anyone else having this problem?

I carrier unlocked the AT&T version and I want to root but obviously back everything up. Google Play shows absolutely NO EXISTENCE of HTC backup. What the fuck?

Oh cool. If I go on my computer to search for it, it says "This app is incompatible with your Bell HTC HTC One.". A direct quote. What the hell? How does this even BEGIN to make sense??? Why would this app be so exclusive? And like someone else said, why are carriers even allowed to decide what's allowed from HTC itself?

I regret ever getting the AT&T version. Should've looked into it first and what's more, I've never had problems with AT&T phones and rooting/unlocking. All of a sudden HTC finally releases it's first GOOD phone and happens to be only to rise against the Galaxy S series and AT&T goes all power hungry??