HTC may be preparing another "Butterfly" handset for Asian markets, if Twitter leaks from a usually reliable source are to be believed. @LlabTooFeR writes that a device codenamed "B2" will be the next phone in the Butterfly series, sporting similar hardware specs to the company's flagship One M8. Like previous Butterfly devices, it's said to have a glossy (likely plastic) chassis, and should be aimed primarily at Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Given that it's been about a year since the launch of the Butterfly S, we're about due another Butterfly phone, though it's unclear how HTC might differentiate the "B2" from the M8, which is also sold in parts of Asia. The Butterfly S offered higher CPU clocks, a bigger screen and larger battery capacity than HTC's flagship of the time, the One M7, so it's possible the new Butterfly may deviant along similar lines.

To further complicate matters, HTC is also rumored to be producing a plastic-clad version of the One M8, dubbed the "M8 Ace".

Source: @LlabTooFeR


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HTC 'B2' could be next Butterfly handset for Asian markets


oh bugger,another nice device to add to the already long list of devices to check out for next new device early in 2015,first butterfly was very tempting,that screen was v good.
now got to start all over again realy,with the snapdragon 808/810 series arriving,they should be good for three years,which is what i expect to get out of a top-end device.
and then there is intel as well.decisions,decisions.

Considering the butterfly line is always nearly completely better than the standard flagship it is released alongside, it would not surprise me to see this having the leaked spec sheet we have named the One Prime.