HTC Aria from AT&T

The HTC Aria from AT&T brings the Android big-time in a little package, with a 3.2-inch touchscreen at 320x480 pixels. And if you think this guy looks familiar, well, it should. It's a mash-up of the Windows Mobile-powered HD Mini (the case and innards), coupled with buttons and the trackpad from the Droid Incredible and Evo 4G.

After the break, we unbox and do a quick walkthrough of the Aria, the second Android phone from AT&T.

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HTC Aria unboxing and hands-on video


Agreed. HTC is making one with the appropriate 3G bands for Virgin Canada which runs on the Bell GSM network if I remember correctly. Throw a little AT&T branding on it and I would have bought that beautiful piece of aluminum :D
This thing? Uh, no.

Sort of makes you wonder why AT&T offers Android handsets at all? Underpowered, mid-range devices at best. To top it off they are locked down to where you can't even install from untrusted sources. All in the name of the greater iGood to make the iPhone that much more iPpealing to everyone. Not to mention that if they were to offer something that would directly compete with the iPhone, Uncle Steve would remove his iPenis from AssT&T and take his toy to other US based carriers.

"320x480 pixels"?? Thats disgusting. That makes my skin crawl. Its an offense to the platform that Google would allow this OS on such a low res screen.

AT&T apps cannot be deleted would be my guess just like the Backflip. The unit is also said to have untrusted sources disabled for software installs so unless it is from the market you ain't getting it. Gotta love A(pple)T&T

I have already decided that at&t hates android because all they gave us was the backflip and the aria, but the aria is snappy. Either way, I will be moving over to verizon for the Droid X on July 19.

Conclusion: AT&T will never have a high-end android device. Only gimmicky mid-range devices. Poor marketing on AT&T's part, and I'm sure their subscriptions numbers will reveal so in due time.

I don't think this is crossing lines to questions of the actual aria so I'm going to bypass the forum, sorry if this is the wrong move but... Any more new on the HTC Bee (Verizon), i thought these might be the same and the leak of the announcement was the same day, why is this one coming out so much sooner.

Also, remember, not all people need biggest baddest phone, I prefer to save that kind of stuff for my laptops and desktops. I just want a phone with wifi, 3.5mm headset, and gps, that runs at a descent speed. It's still just my phone, I don't want to start carrying around a tablet.

lol.....froyo update from AT&T???? hahaha. They cant even give the blackberry a 5.0 update, I certainly cant see them pushing any updates for a google phone.

Phil, you said "coupled with buttons and the trackpad from the Droid Incredible and Evo 4G." Evo doesn't have a trackpad, and I don't think the buttons are the same either, right?

While some are bothered by not being able to sideload...using apps from the Android Market only eliminates the calls that will come to Customer Service about an app bricking the phone and the resulting bandwagon complaining on blogs about AT&T not servicing or unbricking someone's phone due to badly written programs. Most people that buy phone download a few games, Twitter, facebook and a few themes. Not a big deal to me. But I am sure it is to the program crowd.

I'm using HTC Desire and it looks pretty much the same as this one. HTC is developing too many models that eats up its own market share. Hey, how much for you to pay to buy a HTC Desire in retail outlet in the States? I'm from Hong Kong and it is cheap here. About US$570 no tax. (music T-shirt, accessories, and more...)