HTC Aria Multitouch Test

The touchscreen on the HTC Aria touchscreen doesn't offer as much real estate on which to work as the Evo 4G, Droid Incredible or Nexus One. But how does its multitouch capability match up? We put it through its paces after the break.

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HTC Aria multitouch test


Wow... talk about the Aria > high end devices.

I have the Evo. I cannot for the love of god believe that the phone up there doesn't lag when scrolling through a list of icons... yet my phone does.

What processor does the Aria have? If it's snapdragon, kill me.

Edit: It has a Qualcomm MSM7227 processor at 600MHz... It gets around 2.2 MFLOPS (quite low, but doesn't mean everything).

"The platform -- known as the MSM7227 -- is apparently designed with higher-power,
lower-cost handsets in mind, offering HSDPA / HSUPA radios, a 600MHz CPU, 320MHz
application DSP, 400MHz modem processor, hardware-accelerated 3D graphics, Bluetooth 2.1,
and GPS support integrated in a 12mm x 12mm chipset. The MSM7227 can also supposedly handle
8 megapixel camera and 30 FPS WVGA encoding / decoding with ease, and is capable of
supporting Android."

So there you go. It's the same as the Mytouch 3gslide. Both phones I would say are mid-range, but in use they do not seem like so. They are apparently very speedy and do not lag.

I cannot say the same for my Evo. I thought I left choppy scrolling when I ditched my Pre.

>I cannot say the same for my Evo.
>I thought I left choppy scrolling when I ditched my Pre.

IMHO, the Evo is FAR less "choppy" than the Pre/WebOS (that I just replaced with an Evo). And it launches apps a hell of a lot faster. But the WebOS UI is *far* superior in many ways.

And even more cleaned up WebOS running modern hardware (like the Evo, or even the Aria) would be a glorious thing to behold.

The Aria has a much lower resolution than the Evo 4G, so of course it will scroll smoother since there's less work for the processor to do. Wait till you get Android 2.2 with JIT. ;)

This is true.
Yeah, it is much less choppy than the Pre was. But the Pre wasn't using the GPU in scrolling unfortunately (could play Sims 3 but not scroll properly, quite sad...).

I just hope that developers makes games based off of the Adreno 200 Family GPU that the N1, Incredible, Evo, and other phones have so that many of the HTC Android devices can game.
One example of a game that runs well for the Adreno GPU is Raging Thunder 2.

Sorry, but I find that hard to believe. The HTC Incredible has the exact same resolution as the Evo and the same Snapdragon processor, and it doesn't lag while scrolling from what I've seen at all.

Might be related to the 30 fps limitation software glitch... in other words it's likely to not be a hardware limitation.

Any chance you're running a Live Wallpaper? As far as I can tell, using a live wallpaper tends to drop your home screen framerate from 60 to 30 (unless the wallpaper's remarkably cheap). This isn't a big deal on the home screen itself, but I think it messes up the feel when scrolling in the app list noticeably. You get the cost of the wallpaper's rendering, then the additional cost of the app drawer's rendering on top of that.

The funny thing is, HTC's skin really could tell the wallpaper to stop rendering when displaying the app drawer, as its design doesn't have a notch of wallpaper visible in the upper right/left like Google's default does. You can tell it's still rendering in the background though -- like if you use Aquarium Live Wallpaper, bring up the app drawer for a few seconds, then close it, the fish have moved. Do the same thing with any other full-screen app and when you go back to the home screen the fish are in the exact same place they were when you ran the app, because the wallpaper's been asleep the whole time.

Just a thought, anyway.

3.2 inches is too small, 4.3 is too big....thank god for the 3.7 family!!! :) looks like a nice phone, but it's just a mini Incredible! hehe! nothing wrong with that though!

This is a completely worthless trst and has NO BEARING on the accuarcy of a touch sceen , why bother showing this all the time ???

Performance on smartphones is often directly related to the number of pixels on the screen. Your Evo has a lot of pixels that need to be managed by the CPU all the time, which in turn requires a faster processor. The Aria has fewer pixels which means that fewer resources are required to draw images on the display.

So...what's the answer? Did it pass the test? I can't watch videos at work - a little more text would be greatly appreciated!

Well it seemed to fair batter than the N1. You won't realize how fast this phone is until you actually use it. Web pages load quickly and flying through the UI is smooth and very fast. I prefer the smaller screen for shorts pockets and carrying in my pocket at work. Can't wait to pick mine up this weekend.