Official app description reveals stock Android version of unannounced flagship

With many HTC Sense 6 apps now appearing on Google Play, further details of the HTC One (M8) features are starting to leak out through HTC's own app listings. Not least of which is the news of a Google Play edition M8, revealed in the description for the HTC Gallery app.

From HTC's blurb (emphasis ours) β€”

The HTC Gallery provides you with a range of fast and easy ways to locate your photos. With Image Match, simply choose a photo with the object or person you want to find and it will locate similar images for you. Timeline View allows you to locate images by day, month or year. And POI Location searches photos that have been taken at a particular place. Now it’s fast and easy to find all the photos you need to. Support for HTC One(M8) Google Play Edition is limited to HTC Photo Edit.

Of course that doesn't reveal anything about when the device will be available, but nevertheless this seems a pretty strong indication of the Google Play edition M8's existence. Stay tuned to Android Central later today for full coverage of HTC's launch.

Source: HTC Gallery (Google Play)


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HTC app listing outs Google Play edition HTC One (M8)


Would also be nice if they sold them on verizon this time to, considering they have 100 million subscribers.

Hell yes. Still not sure whether I'm going to buy a device that is so large, but the M8 certainly isn't looking like that bad of a choice.

I wouldn't mind any Google Play edition handsets becoming available in the UK, let alone the HTC One M8 GPe!!

Posted via Android Central App

I know I'm in the minority, but I'm really looking forward to a GPE HTC ONE.

Posted via Android Central App

Why are you in the minority? It's probably the one I'd get even though Sense 6.0 actually looks pretty damn good.

Posted via my amazing HTC M8 in the world's worst dummy case

If you purchased the Google play edition, would you be able to download the sense launcher from the play store?

Posted via Android Central App

I just wish they would sale the GPe in Tmobile stores so that I could use my JUMP plan with it.

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