Weather, security in wake of Boston terror attack affecting shipping nationwide

Update: I, and others in our HTC One forums, have started to get shipping notifications, backing up what HTC told us .

Original: We've just gotten some more details from HTC regarding the shipping delay for its 32-gigabyte SIM-unlocked HTC One as well as the 64-gigabyte "developer edition" with its unlockable bootloader.

The official word form HTC is still "before the end of April," but things might well not be that bad. 

We'll explain ...

Here's the full, official statement from HTC:

"We're excited that the new HTC One is now available through AT&T, Sprint T-Mobile and numerous national retail partners; however, we are experiencing unforeseen delays with shipping for the pre-ordered the 32GB SIM-unlocked and 64GB developer edition. We are working to fullfill orders as quickly as possible but the latest delivery for any customers will be before the end of April. We apologize to these customers for the delay. We know there is a lot of excitement for this phone and we can't wait to get this device into all of our customers' hands."

The end of April, of course, is only a week and a half from today. And we've been told that's actually a pretty worst-case shipping scenario at this point. There aren't any production problems or anything scary like that -- it's just that shipping nationwide has been affected by the ongoing terrorist event in Boston, as well as flooding in the Midwest, and it's trickled down to the HTC One, unfortunately.

It's possible, we've been told, that shipping statuses could be updated this afternoon, and we might well see phones well before the end of the month. We'd recommend checking HTC's order status page later today.

And if you hear anything new, sing out in our forums.


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HTC apologizes, gives more details on dev edition delay


I am in the Holding pattern for this phone...

I do believe HTC should pay for the overnight shipping and make things right when they do ship it

It's not HTC's fault that flooding, several bombs and a campus gunman have affected shipping. Take your first world problems elsewhere and find something to do while you wait an extra few days for your phone.

I'm not sure I buy that all these external things are affecting the shipping.

I spoke with the "escalation team" at Letstalk (the company distributing the phone) last night, and I was told that my phone would ship last night or today. Many others got the same message.

HTC (LetsTalk technically) refunded my shipping costs and via the "HTC delay email" I've been upgraded to Next Day Air shipping should have been. It still doesn't take away my disappointment. I don't buy the flooding/terrorist excuse. That was just a convenient out for them and shame on them for using it. Why weren't AT&T's, Sprint's or places like Best Buy's shipments affected? Oh that's right because they were shipped PRIOR to these incidents. The real question is why did LetsTalk wait until the last minute to ship. I know that they didn't receive their shipments until yesterday to fulfill orders.

Maybe the HTC guy who unlocks the phones lives in Boston and that's why those are the only phones delayed...

I'm still waiting for my standard HTC One. Ordered 26th February, expected delivery 15th March, phoned the carrier (Sunrise in Switzerland) and got told they should be delivered by the end of May. Kinda annoying as I've seen people in Germany have had 'em a week or so by now.

Had my wife grab me a 32gb One from ATT this morning as my Dev preorder is showing unknown availability now. Haven't cancelled my preorder yet though.. gonna wait and see if it ships out today. If it doesn't ship out by tomorrow I'll go ahead and cancel.

I don't buy it. The status on my order went to backordered. I don't think that would happen unless they were out of stock of the item. The HTC Dev page said next shipment of phones expected April 29 and they would do overnight shipping so it gets in before the end of the month.

They have limited quantity.

I don't buy this excuse either, it's obviously crap since they had no trouble shipping phones to all AT&T and Sprint stores. They simply screwed up and they're taking the easy way out blaming it on some very visible national issues.

exactly. I get the phone is extremely high build quality and takes time to produce them. It is pretty apparent they gave all of the initial units to the carriers and left less for the dev and unlocked editions.

Either that or the company they used to distribute the dev and unlocked (just talk) botched the order and distributions process. ATT/Sprint/Tmo all sell the phones directly so they were ready to sell the phones immediately upon the shipment's arrival.

I can only speculate what the real excuse is but i know they one they gave us is complete BS. I am now going to stick with my nexus 4 until google I/O since i would only get the phone 2 weeks earlier (assuming no additional delays). If KLP is as big of a jump from JB as JB was to ICS, I will be able to pass on the HTC One until the nexus 5 comes out. I just REAAAALY wanted LTE.

I'm surprised they didn't also blame the delays on Jeter re-injuring his ankle. Those excuses don't seem to be affecting anybody else (I don't think UPS or FedEX even have an advisory)

Hypothetically speaking, Boston is a major port. They could be shipping from the manufacturer to there, or up the missisippi, for distribution. In that case floods or bombings could certainly delay shipment.
Either way, this is a minor problem. Move on with your life and enjoy the phone when it shows up instead of whingeing about what you don't yet have.

That makes sense; a ship from China goes direct to Boston (California and airplanes are for chumps), then moves them to a facility on the Mississippi for processing.

If this was a minor problem, then why does this site have two articles on it just for today?

Besides, what's the Internet good for if not for whingeing?

HTC pushing the times back again is a MAJOR issue. But not all shipments to the USA from China go direct to the west coast.

atrixfll is getting his shipped special via Pony Express.

"Make it right, make it right, make it right... I want my fancy bit of plastic, it's the most important thing in the world."

Me too - I don't trust LetsTalk at all to get this right, the fact they couldn't notify people until the actual day they were supposed to have delivered shows they have no clue whats going on in their supply chain (or they just don't give a crap).

I had already paid for overnight shipping, so I called and had LetsTalk refund my overnight shipping payment.

So not only is my state (Boston) locked down. I have to wait for my phones longer than all of the carriers.....

Bullsh*t. No one else is having this issue. I don't see Samsung whinging on about not being to get the GS4 to consumers because of flooding. Do you?

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks as if the T-Mobile HTC One will work on AT&T 3G(4G) and T-Mobile 3G(4G) and both LTE networks. I'm so tempted to get a T-Mobile HTC One, but I just don't want to delayed on updates by the carrier. Unlocked version, hurry to me!

T-Mobile HTC One Specs

Band (frequency)
GSM bands 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
UMTS: Band I(2100)
UMTS: Band II(1900)
UMTS: Band IV(1700/2100/AAWS)
UMTS: Band V(850)
LTE Band: 4, 17

AT&T HTC One Specs

4G-LTE Band 4 and 17
4G HSPA+ HSPA+ with enhanced backhaul
3G - UMTS 850/1900/2100MHz
GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz

HTC is now a tier two manufacturer. Delays should be expected. Samsung and Apple are tier one and therefore get priority from suppliers.

update.. to my order.. you all should look

Picking & Packing
We are currently picking your product(s).

Estimated Shipping Date: Friday, April 19, 2013
Estimated Delivery Date: Monday, April 22, 2013

I just received shipping confirmation from Letstalk, looks like it really is flooding delayed the shipping, I'm in Chicago.