HTC J Butterfly

Japanese mobile operator KDDI today announced a new Android device for the region, the HTC J Butterfly. It is essentially a localized version of the HTC One M8 with regards to specifications, but the second generation Butterfly comes packing some interesting features targeting local consumers.

The 5-inch HTC smartphone is waterproof and can shoot some serious photos with 13 MP rear and 5 MP front-facing cameras to boot. It's a positive move from the HTC One M8's 4 MP "Ultrapixel" setup. The Snapdragon 801 is joined by 802.11ac Wi-Fi, LTE, 2GB of RAM, Android 4.4 and a Dot View case. The HTC J Butterfly is scheduled to be unveiled at HTC Conference Tokyo 2014 held August 19, 2014 and will be available by the end of August. There's no word on international availability.

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HTC announces new waterproof J Butterfly with One M8 specs for Japan


I love my M8, but that camera and the waterproofing would definitely make me concider a change. I definitely feel the ultrapixels are lacking sometimes, and the crazy part is at one point in time it was said HTC had the best phone cameras. This phone is definitely welcome in my pocket.

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Oh.... And I jumped on the ZL2 too early then, would have loved to get a waterproof HTC phone sooner!!

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Another brilliantly gorgeous HTC smartphone that incorporates perfect specs and features.

Please offer it via all US carriers during Q3. It would compete very well against the LG G3 and all others releases this Holiday season.

Not really, they're pretty good, in fact they're status quo for iPhones, Sonys and Samsungs

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OK Sonys and iPhones do have bezels that big, but Samsung's are pretty small.

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I have been reading AC for years and you sir, are the first person that has made me wish I could block comments from specific users, no offense.

Looks like a waterproof version of the E8. Most reviews I have seen say the 13MP shooter on the E8 is average at best. Pixels do not equal quality photo's.

My phone right now is waterproof but I'm too chicken to test it. I'm glad that it is and I'm glad more phones are going this direction.

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This would be a great replacement for my HTC M7. I need that waterproofing! HTC, please bring this phone to the US!

If LG comes out with a waterproof G3 this year, I'll kill them (just got a G3).

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Once again HTC releases a phone for a limited market that should be available to everyone.

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So, the picture is the wrong picture then if this doesn't have the dual sensor ultra pixel setup, or is it a 13 mp dual sensor?

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Excerpt from the Engadget article link:

"And to do so, the latest from HTC has brand new cameras: a 13-megapixel rear dual-camera model with a selfie-friendly 5-megapixel front shooter. That differs from the One M8's 4-Megapixel Duo "UltraPixel" camera. KDDI instead calls it a "Duo Effect" camera, with the secondary 2-megapixel module giving depth-of-field adjustment and other features." 

So this is the M8 only with an add on waterproof feature?
Its similar to the E8 in terms of the 13mp cam. Then why not make the E8 waterproof? -_-

In case anyone is interested, here's the info on HTCs site (have Google translate for you)

2700mAh battery, and they kept the SD card. What I'm curious about is whether or not this is the same 13mp cameara as the E8, or if it's a different one (the Engadget article implies it's "brand new").

OK now that's an HTC phone I really would like to come to the US.

I don't get the E8 though now. Aren't these targeted at the same market?

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If the 13mp sensor is substantially better than what the E8 is packing this might be the one phone to rule them all.

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