HTC in the past, hasn't made any bones about telling us all which of their devices will be getting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in the future. Granted, they've made some changes here and there to the list as testing has gone on but overall, they've been doing good at keeping folks in the loop for better or worse, depending on which device you may own. Now, they've gone ahead and take it all one step further by adding some official timelines to the newly minted Android 4.0 Update FAQ page:

  • DROID Incredible 2 by HTC - To be determined (by the end of August)
  • HTC Amaze 4G - May-June
  • HTC Desire S - June-July
  • HTC Desire HD - July-August
  • HTC EVO 3D - June-July
  • HTC EVO 4G+ - May-June
  • HTC EVO Design 4G - June-July
  • HTC Incredible S - June-July
  • HTC Sensation - March-June
  • HTC Sensation 4G - March-June
  • HTC Sensation XE - March-June
  • HTC Sensation XL - April-Jun
  • HTC Rezound - June-July
  • HTC Rhyme - June-July
  • HTC Thunderbolt - July-August
  • HTC Velocity 4G  - March-June
  • HTC Vivid  - March-June

Looking at the list, you can easily spot the devices that have already had ICS rolled out to them over the past little while. Nothing overly surprising, and HTC does note things are always subject to change but it's nice to see some official timelines placed beside all those devices.

Source: HTC

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chubb says:

This list makes Motorola look pretty bad.

hkklife says:

At least Moto's not abandoning any of their tablet users. HTC just took a big dump all over Flyer, Evo View, and Jetstream users.

I would be beyond FURIOUS if I had plunked down $700 and a 2yr contract for the HTC Jetstream tablet on AT&T last fall. In fact, they're still selling that device for $400 on contract now! Heck, I got my Evo View new off contract and use it on wi-fi only and I'm still annoyed it's not getting ICS!

I'll wager Moto sold far fewer Xoom Family Editions yet it's getting ICS and the Flyer/View sold relatively well and have nearly identical hardware to the Evo Design yet they're being abandoned and left on a buggy Honeycomb.

robocopvn says:

I know what you feel. Buying a not very-old device and it will never get updated. It's also my case :D. I bought HTC aria when it was just released with a price you can buy the high-end phone nowadays. And I'm hopless to see it get gingerbread :D

thankfully, there's Cyanogenmod :D

eirrom says:

What is a EVO 4G+? Is that the original EVO 4G? If so, awesome.

IceDree says:

It could be that Korea only EVO 3D (minus the 3D)

eirrom says:

That makes sense. It seemed too good to be true.

dave2wave#AC says:

Unfortunately, not the same phone:

Thlayli says:

No, I looked it up and it's like an Evo 3D without the 3D cameras. No luck for us original Evo 4G users I guess. :(

jimmy2027 says:

Thats right. GG!! GG!!

I have contacted HTC directly to ask about the original EVO 4G being updated to ICS. I will post here, the forums, or tip Android Central when they get back to me.

318sugarhill says:

Slim and None. No chance. The hardware is too outdated. The Dinc and Evo original are NOT getting ICS.....without root and rom. Those phones were great, but have reached the end. As much as I love HTC, Android would be a lot better if it WERE NOT up to manufacturers/carriers to supply updates. EVERY android phone should have the option of running ASOP. That way every user (at their own risk) can be upgraded by google if they so choose.

Besides, it is not cost effective for HTC to make updates for phones they have not sold in a long time. I believe it has been 6 months at least. I know there are some people who bought them at the end, but they probably got them for free. Good to take an older phone for a discount or even free, but you should know at that point an update will be highly unlikely.

icebike says:

Quote: "Nothing overly surprising, and HTC does not things are always subject to change"

Ouch. I stubbed my brain on that one.

bdGDL08 says:


XavierMatt says:

Yeaaa so did I. The grammar was awful. But we are all human.

July-August for us Thunderbolt users. About time.


neopanther says:

Og evo? Yeah right!

XavierMatt says:

I have mad respect for the way HTC is going about things as a company. I still don't like sense but at least they are pushing the updates out. If they limited their devices a little bit more this would be a little easier for them.

thank goodness the tbolt is getting some ICS love. Hey HTC do me a favor just leak it and let the community do the rest.

darkestdaze says:

So wait, will the DINC2 be updated by August, or will they determine the release date by August?

cruleworld says:

That's a good question, though I'm not sure why the Incredible S has a date but the Incredible 2 doesn't since they are pretty much the same phone.

bsannes says:

My guess would be that they are waiting for the incredible 4g to drop before they push an update or at least till they have a release date

codiusprime says:

Motorola, this is how you update phones.

LOL at the Flyer not getting updated, I remember calling that one on G+ before ICS even hit. Sad but not at all surprising.

dwb3838 says:

Alright the EVO 3d can't wait .heard it runs a lot faster with ics .

JBryant19 says:

Will this come with a new version of sense as well?

shapesblue says:

The article with FAQ states it will come with Sense 3.6

Why does the Android 4.0 update not include Sense 4?

Some aspects of Sense 4 require dedicated hardware, which is not available on all devices.

JBryant19 says:

Also, for you EVO 3D users.. has the data speeds been horrific of late? I can barely load mobile pages within 5 minutes.

edward0348 says:

It's not HTC's fault, It The Sprint network. For some reason has been really slow lately!. Well, at least in New York, that is The case.

ABBlockhead says:

The problem, whatever it is, seems to be area-specific. The NYC/NJ area may just be cursed by the technology gods right now.

I spent this past weekend in New Jersey, and I was quite dismayed at how slow Sprint's Internet service was in the area. I had been expecting it would be considerably faster than where I live, but it was at least an order of magnitude slower. This pain was doubled by the fact that the WiFi in my hotel was down. My laptop rendered all but useless, I had no choice but to use my phone for everything.

As soon as I returned home, my phone went back to its usual good speed.

No HTC Inspire and no HTC Evo Shift... me and my fiance both got screwed...

heathroi says:

the desire hd is the inspire (with a few differences) check back on xda's website

sgsparkle says:

I saw EVO 4G+ and got overly excited...until I looked it up and realized it wasn't the OG Evo :(

maverick7526 says:

lol me too! i still have that awesome phone sitting in my drawer collecting dust now.... :( the Gnex is an awesome phone, but I miss the build quality/feel of HTC. love the OG EVO

Saneless says:

"Some aspects of Sense 4 require dedicated hardware, which is not available on all devices."

Ahh.. yes. I guess I should "upgrade" my EVO 3D to the HTC One V, since it apparently has better hardware..

BS, people have 4.0 ROMs running on the 3D. What a lie.

DWR_31 says:

Sense 4 is designed for the 3 button setup.

If your device has a capacitive menu button, HTC will not put Sense 4 on it. (Sense 4 has the menu button in the software)

jldandrea says:

I'll be due for an upgrade 5~ months or so after the Tbolt finally gets ICS. Jeez.

ssinaz says:

Hoping for June rather than July for the EVO 3D.

DWR_31 says:

May 31st is launch day for Evo V 4G (aka Evo 3D).

June for Sprint version.

When it gets here I'm just gonna put ADW launcher on top of it for a close to stock experience. (Plus, I'll be using a home manager to Autokill Sense, so Sense won't bogg down my phone's RAM)

Synycalwon says:

All I have to say is the ICS update better not screw up my Thunderbolt. It's been working like a champ on Gingerbread. If it ain't broke...

dtvbadass says:


I'm just tired of getting hosed over by manufacturers. Up until refer HTC was one of the last (if not the only) good ones left. This is the 2nd story that I can remember with actual dates that some how always seem to get pushed back, but the new phones that they've launched (or will be launching) will have ICS on board. This is why I'm about to jump ship as soon as Apple launches their next iPhone. Say what you will about them, but at least they stand by their products. I'm beyond frustrated because I've been with Android/Google since G1. I know I'm not the only one on this post that feels under appreciated by the HTC's, Samsung's of the world.

OSF-BayArea says:

I'm with you DTV: After the G1 (stuck at 1.6), myTouch 3G Slide (stuck at 2.1) (we all make mistakes)and now the perfectly functional G2 (stuck at 2.3.4) gets the stiff one and no ICS.

T-Mobile you are now also going to suffer for HTC moronic business practices because I will not be re-upping my contracts.

HTC, I'm done with as a company. If you make a Nexus product, great but your updates are motivated 100% by trying to get Americans to buy into Korean/Japanese upgrade cycles.

We don't want to spend $500/600 a year on whatever phone is new and cool.

If I wanted this crap, I would buy an iPhone (not going to unless HTC/Samsung starts making rocks)

Rather I will buy a Galaxy Nexus for $400 without worry about upgrades for a least a year or two.

Kraizk says:

I could have sworn the VIVID got ICS officially already..... Although i may have been on the leak and other roms so long I missed something

foxhead128 says:

Yes! The Incredible 2 is getting an update!

So this isn't a lie this time? When I bought my phone in January HTC announced it should be updated within a month. I rooted. I'm staying rooted, and I will never buy another HTC.

SamOliver says:

Do you think there will be a stock ICS ROM soon after the thunderbolt source code is leaked/released? I really liked ICS on the Nexus. Basically what I'm asking is: is it easy to just get rid of Sense and have vanilla ICS, or is it something "integrated" into ICS that you can't just get rid of?