If you've been holding out, waiting for your HTC Sensation to be available for bootloader unlocking over at HTCDev then today may be the day you have been waiting for. HTC has added a few more HTC Sensation variations to the list including T-Mobile this time around. You can head on over to the site now to get started, though -- we suggest reading up on just how unlocked your bootloader really is when using the HTC provided tools first, then deciding if it is still something you wish to do.

Source: HTCDev; Thanks, Alexis!

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gmonkey88 says:

I wish Googorola would do this for my new Photon.....

El Jefe says:

I don't have a HTC device so forgive me if I am wrong here, but isn't there a different website from another developer that can unlock the HTC bootloaders? If so, why are people using HTC's own website to do it? Aren't they basically going on record with the company as having voided their warranty when they do?

adazamim says:

Any new for Bootloaders unlock on Desire S?

Saiyajin says:

While this unlock tool seems like a good effort, I'm still very glad the dev community is still enabling root capability the old fashioned way. Rooted Dinc 2, overclocked Virtuous Unity ROM. Many thanks to the devs for they're continued hard work!