Ninja Unboxing

You've probably noticed, we don't spend much time on traditional unboxing videos around these parts, even when a phone kicks ass at the level of the Galaxy Nexus.  There's only so many times you can look at a USB cable and cheap set of earbuds before things start to go a bit fuzzy, so we leave that to your imagination.  But things would be different if we were ninjas.

How different?  Make sure you have Adobe Flash installed (sorry iPad, U NO CAN PLAY) and hit the link to see.  Just don't plan on doing anything else for at least an hour.

Ninja's Unboxing 3


Reader comments

This is how you unbox a Galaxy Nexus (hint: with Ninjas)


Ha, good luck trying to return your Nexus with a shredded box once you get fed up with the poor signal quality and dropped calls.

Why don't people understand that this is stuff that can be fixed with software updates and patches? Seriously, I have never seen such a divided Android community. This is ridiculous.