Ninja Unboxing

You've probably noticed, we don't spend much time on traditional unboxing videos around these parts, even when a phone kicks ass at the level of the Galaxy Nexus.  There's only so many times you can look at a USB cable and cheap set of earbuds before things start to go a bit fuzzy, so we leave that to your imagination.  But things would be different if we were ninjas.

How different?  Make sure you have Adobe Flash installed (sorry iPad, U NO CAN PLAY) and hit the link to see.  Just don't plan on doing anything else for at least an hour.

Ninja's Unboxing 3

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Glenuendo says:

While stories about the Nexus are getting way old, this made me laugh. Thanks. :)

icebike says:

No. Who has time for this?

dchawk81 says:

Doesn't play until I start navigating away from the page, at which point it's too late for obvious reasons. Google Chrome's fault? Youtube's? Don't know. But something's wonky over here.

ETA: This link works...

frozencloud says:

these ninjas unboxing never get old

Fun! Worked well on thrill 4g

I am a ninja.. So all your doing is showing how I would have opened the nexus if I got one. Lol

Wicell says:

Very fun

Synycalwon says:

Ha, good luck trying to return your Nexus with a shredded box once you get fed up with the poor signal quality and dropped calls.

Comineeyeaha says:

Why don't people understand that this is stuff that can be fixed with software updates and patches? Seriously, I have never seen such a divided Android community. This is ridiculous.

angel35 says:

No Nexus for me !!!!