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The Wishlist feature is a part of Google Play that doesn't get much exposure. Added in the fall of 2012 during the first Play Store refresh, it's a handy tool to help you keep track of all the stuff you want from Google Play. Apps, books, movies, TV shows, magazines and music can all be added to your Wishlist, and while there is no way to share your list with friends and family just yet, it does put everything into one easy to manage spot on your phone or tablet.

Adding and removing items is easy, you'll find the Wishlist icon at the top of every item in Google Play. It's like a toggle switch, so if an item isn't on your list tapping will put it there, and if it is on your list a tap will remove it. To manage your list, the Google Play app menu has an entry for its page, and a tap takes you there. From your Wishlist page you can buy, rent, install or delete any item.

The Wishlist hasn't made its way to the web interface yet, so this is something you'll need to do from your phone or tablet. We have a feeling that's going to change when Google releases the new Play Store website, but for now know that you need an Android device to take advantage.

We've got a short tutorial after the break that will help it all make sense if you're not following. Have a watch, then grab your phone and start making that list!

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How to use the Google Play Wishlist feature


It's extremly useful when you're on 3G and find a great new app that weighs more than 10-20 MB.

At this time, you can remove apps from the WishList, in Play's web interface -- for those coming across this blog in a search. Play's Add To Wishlist button is a 'toggle'. If the app is the the wishlist, click the button and the legend changes to 'Remove from Wishlist'. Found this on a search of the Internet ... no hint of this on Play's page where you might expect to see it.

This is a new post, not a reply! But then, the only links visible on this blog say 'REPLY'. Maybe the same folks who wrote the code for Play, where the remove app button is well-hidden, did the code for this page, too?? Ha-ha.

I use this a lot to keep track of apps I may be interested in (such as those mentioned by Android Central) but don't have time to check out further. It's also useful when evaluating different apps. I was looking for a handwriting app for my tablet and using search came up with several apps. I saved the ones that looked promising so I can find them again and settle on the one that best suited my need.

I wished they supported it on the web based version of the play store.

I love this feature but feel like an idiot because I can't find out how to add apps to it on the web version of the Play store.

Amen to that. If I want to wishlist something from the web, I have to copy/paste the URL and email it to myself, open it on the phone, and wishlist it there! Hello, Google!! This is bass ackward!!!

Agreed! Plenty of times I see Android Central review soemthing and I think wow I'd like to save that to download or buy at a later date, perhasp reccomend to a friend ETC. However due to work palce restrictions I can't have my mobile devices powered on so if I can't add to my wishlist from my browser then I will forget and lose the app forever.

You CAN ACCESS play store wish list on the web (through firefox or IE or whatever). The steps are:
1. There is google play icon on the top left (as I'm seeing the webpage right now. Because they keep changing the things).
2. As soon as you take your mouse pointer near it, there opens 4-5 options, like: Apps, Movies, Books, Devices, Store etc.
3. Click 'Store'.
4. As soon as you click this, there appear two options below these all: 'My Wishlist' and 'Redeem'.
5. Click 'My Wishlist'. That's it.

Thanks, zopfan. You are absolutely right. I had "drilled down" too far to only the "Apps" tab.The "My Wishlist" choice appears in the main screen of Google Play. Duh. Of course, you might have a movie or an e-book that you'd like to add to your Wishlist, so that's why it's in the main menu. Cheers!

So what is the purpose of this wishlist if does not support notifications when item price changes. I assume this what needs to be done to make it useful. There is app called "appsales" which does it but I wish it was built in.

I wish there was a way to track an app's progress, like when and update occurs, what changes or enhancements were made, price change etc. There are a lot of apps I'm waiting till note improvements are made before I try them again.

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I use it all the time to bookmark apps and albums that I might choose to purchase in the future. I wish it was on the web.

This is probably good for you Americans who have play cards so you can bookmark stuff until you go and get another play store card to top up your balance.

Me I just go and buy the thing straight away if I want it since I can't share the list

I use it often but there are a few issues where I wonder why they haven't dont it yet.

1) I can't add apps from the WebStore as you already mentioned
2) I can't view or edit it from the web store
3) I can't add apps that I had already installed - sometimes I would like that to keep track of them if I didn't liked them yet
4) Why we can't make lists public on G+. Wishlists, List of installed apps etc. Maybe also with a button to gift other people apps they have on their wishlist.

I use this to tag apps I hear about through the day for later download when I get home to my WiFi connection. This saves my data for things I need it form. I'd really like to see it added to the web version of the store so that I can just flag them on my desktop.

Exactly the way I use them. For now, I pocket the apps I want to add to my wishlist, but I haven't found an easy way to "import" them to the Play store's wishlist.

It has a limit of about 500 Apps.
So It's not good.
Better if they make it more than this.
And probably to allow to sort by folders,
and to make notes.

I have the galaxy s4 and have the icon to add or remove a certain app but no marker to let me view the whole list

Would be great if the feature sent a message to the creator of the app if their app was incompatible with devices, so they could fix the issue, since you can't write in the comments unless you install the app, which it won't let you do since it is incompatible.

you can send an email to the dev's address. That the best way to communicate with devs in any case, rather than the review section.

I had placed the 8 Gb Nexus 4 in my wishlist (I actually own this device - I was thinking of getting my wife one before it was discontinued). Unlike the other items on my wishlist, there seems to be no way to remove it. Any thoughts?

Yep, I love this feature but be aware that there is a limit. I find this completely ridiculous but that's the way it is for now. :-( (Google, a removal of this limit or increase would be greatly appreciated).

Question: I have three artists that are on my wishlist somehow. Is there a way I can remove these? There is no "Remove from Wishlist" button when I look at the page for it.