HTC One M8 slow-motion video

The following is a proven scientific fact: Kids playing in slow motion are cuter than kids at full speed. (And a lot easier to catch.) And taking slow-motion video on the HTC One M8 is a simple and fun way to add a bit of depth and differentiation to videos you take with your M8 — as well as what ends up in the M8's excellent Video Highlights feature.

So. How do you take a slow-motion video on the HTC One M8? Here's how.

The redesign of the camera app in Sense 6 means that some features may be an extra layer down than they used to be. But it's still pretty quick and easy to get to the slow-motion option on the M8.

  • First, slip into video mode. (Hit the button with the four circles on it.)
  • Now look for the video mode button. It'll be between the three-dot overflow and the ISO settings.
  • Tap it, and then choose the little walking guy option. You'll see "Slow motion video" flash on the screen.

Now all you have to do is hit the video record button. Once you do, you'll notice that it's recording four times faster than you're used to, and the elapsed time will count up by 4 seconds instead of 1 second. Then when you play back the video, you'll have some sweet slow-motion action. You lose out on audio when recording in slow motion (annnnnnnnnd forrrrrrrrr gooooooooood reeeeeeason, right?) And HTC's done it right in that you can share your slow-mo stuff just like you can any other video. Upload it to YouTube, put it on Facebook, whatever. It all works the way it's supposed to.

HTC One M8 slow-motion edit

And it gets even better. Once you've got your slow-motion video, you can edit it. Just go into your gallery, open up the video you want, then hit the overflow button and choose "Edit." You can trim out parts you don't want, adjust the speed from 1/4 real time to 1/2 real time, or run it back up to normal. Pretty nice trick, actually.

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Jaggrey says:

Can you still make only a portion of the video slow motion like you can on the M7?

According to the last paragraph and the picture that goes with it, yes.

Jaggrey says:

Alrighty then, thanks for clarifying.

ccw1134 says:

I've done it and can confirm that yes you can edit it to only have a certain portion in slow motion.

Jaggrey says:


redrooster13 says:


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anthonok says:

Hey Google....make this part of the Google camera.

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lucas710 says:


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Thanks Phil, had this phone for a month. Rooted, unlocked bootloader, sim unlocked, but had absolutely no idea this was here.

This is the reason I love android central.

JTekt says:


icebike says:

This was on my very first HTC One X way back. Glad its still on my new M8. Used it at grandkids soccer game.

ozguraytek says:

what about google play edition?

sirheck says:

I have seen this on my m7 (custom) ROM. But have never tried it yet.

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sirheck says:

Just took a short 30 sec video. Seems to work great.

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mmark27 says:

huh, that's neat. No idea it could do that. Now, let's see about that on my S5......d'oh! Can't edit slow motion video on the S5 that I can see. Says, "file not supported".

NickA says:

Cool! Had this phone for a month and didn't even know it could do that. Off to record my dog!

BB_Bmore says:

I've been using this since sense 4+ you can also tap the camera button to take still shots of the video during playback allowing you to get some great shots.

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AKFL3TCH3R says:

If only you could choose to keep audio haha.

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phtecace says:

Good news! You can actually keep the audio :)
Record and play the slow motion video. You will notice little walking guy button is present during playback. Click it to 'uncheck' it. It will then play the video at full speed WITH sound.

SpookDroid says:

What's the resolution of the video in SloMo?

Tinostre says:

Didn't know this was possible. Awesome.

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