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Here's a quick tip for those of you with the HTC One M8. If you're missing notifications for email and calendar on your lock screen, there's a good reason for that. They're not turned on by default. Fixing that is just a matter of diving into the settings and checking a couple boxes.

Here's what to do to get email and calendar notifications on your M8 home screen: Go into the main settings menu. Then choose "Security." Next tap "Notification settings." This is where the options live. By default, your phone will show missed phone calls, voicemail and text message notifications. Email and calendar are unchecked.

So, if you want email and calendar on your home screen, just check the boxes.

A reminder, though, that these are HTC's email and calendar apps. So if you're using, say, Gmail and Google's calendar app (remember that you can download it separately now), you'll still not get them on the stock HTC lock screen.

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How to get email and calendar notifications on your HTC One M8 lock screen


Glad to see your having fun with this Phil,, have you tried connecting glass to it yet??,, and when will we hear about that

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I'm still having trouble with GMAIL notifications. I'll get notifications for my primary inbox but if something come into my Updates or promotions or some other inbox i don't get notifications for it.

I have never gotten notifications for those inboxes. I don't think there are notifications for those.
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you would have to have all those emails go through your primary inbox to get notifications for them.

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There is an option in gmail to turn on notifications for each label you want to be notified. I have it on for my important labels.

AH! finally! i knew there had to be that option somewhere because i got notifications for them on my S4. Thanks a bunch!

Hmm, a bit moot... I hardly know an android user who uses any email other than Gmail... stupid of HTC to not have this work with your chosen apps, Hangouts, Handcent, Go etc...

This is why I love vanilla Android. Bloatware interfering with basic operation like basic notifications

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