Whether you're trying to reject all phone calls or just selected numbers, on the LG G3 it's a simple process to achieve your desired results. We've already looked at how to reject an incoming call with a custom message to the caller, now let's take it a little further by telling the phone to auto-reject based on certain parameters.

First things first you need to navigate your way to the necessary menu:

  • Head into "Settings"
  • Scroll down until you see "Call"
  • You're looking for "Call reject," so hit that and you're in the right place

You'll be presented with two options; "Call reject mode" and "Reject calls from."

  • Call reject mode: Three options to choose from, turn it off completely, reject calls on list or reject all calls. The second option will tie in with the below while the third option is what you should choose if you don't want to be bothered by anyone.
  • Reject calls from: Here you can add numbers that you want to auto-reject either from your contacts, your recent call logs or just by manually entering a number. If you want to reject all calls from private numbers tick the checkbox at the top of the screen.

And that's all there is to it. With the combination of options above you can tailor just who you want your G3 to auto-reject.

For more, see our LG G3 help page, and swing by our G3 forums!


Reader comments

How to auto-reject phone calls on the LG G3


I know all Android phones have this feature, but for some reason LG decided to give you a notification when it rejects the call. I cant find a setting to turn that off either. VERY annoying.

My Galaxy Note 2 also pops up a notification. Currently I'm trying to avoid some drama with the ex....and it's nice to know when/how many times she's attempted to call me. Especially when I file for that PFT.

I'm I the only who's "Reject Calls on List" doesn't work?
It was also the same story on my G2:;could never get that option to work. Even after a reboot. The only way to block calls was to reject all calls. I love how it tells you who tried to call though.
I have the T-Mobile G3.

Verizon G3 user here. There is no call reject mode in my call settings. This is lame! My old SGS3 had This for calls AND texts! 2 years newer phone and no call block feature, wtf?

I mean other than that it's a great phone but that still sucks.

Hey. I think this might be a Verizon issue. They have a paid service you can use that blocks calls (or at least they did before I left them last year) and if they still have it it might be something they had removed from their model G3 to push people to pay for call blocking. Not sure but is a guess.

THERE IS NO 'CALL REJECT' on US Cellular version of LG G3 nor is there a place to block text messages!! When you write 'how to' articles like this take into consideration all versions instead of only yours.