HTC Hero

Some Valentines love is coming in February -- in the form of the follow-up to the wildly popular HTC Hero. HTC Sweden exec Patrik Andersson dropped the news:

A sequel to The flagship Hero unveiled at mobile trade show in Barcelona on 15 February and will appear in Swedish stores shortly thereafter.

Let's hope we see it show up in U.S. stores shortly after that. Stay tuned. [ via Engadget]

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@sw1storm says:

Forget the hero. We wanna see that new htc Passion for Verizon...listening Santa?

Anonymous says:

+1 to poster above me! We want HTC Passion for Verizon!

Will.I.Am82 says:

Damn, the 1st Hero just barely came out this summer! Classic HTC. Either way, hopefully it'll come to the US and be a CDMA/WiMAX enabled device for use on Sprint's network. The device is so great, there are only a few things I'd want on the new Hero:
-larger screen (3.5-3.7 inches)
-camera flash
-1GHz Snapdragon processor
-1 GB of RAM
- at least 1 GB of memory for contacts/app storage