Cast videos directly from your Android Gallery, Dropbox or Google Drive with AirCast

AirCast,  a new concept application from everybody's favorite Android hacker and developer Koushik Dutta, will let you play any videos from your Gallery, Dropbox and Google Drive on your Chromecast equipped television. Using your Android, you select a video from any of the three locations and use the share menu to cast it to your TV.

Koush has worked around the closed SDK issue by reverse engineering the Chromecast protocols, which means he is allowed to share this app for us regular folks to have a go with and test it. Apps using the official SDK are not yet allowed to be released under the current agreement users of the SDK are bound to.

You'll definitely want to give this a try, so grab the APK file from Koush's website right here and give it a look. Keep in mind that this application will expire in two days, but Koush has said he has plans to release a freemium version, a Chrome extension, and the code he used to make it all work in the future. Remember, you're testing this so be prepared to submit feedback for any bugs you may find. See the source link for more details.

Source: +Koushik Dutta


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Help beta test AirCast by playing any of your videos on your Chromecast


Get in line... Google play will ship in 2-3 weeks... Amazon has free shipping but will pull it back to 2-3 months... Life sucks...

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I ended up getting mine a lot sooner than the amazon estimated date, it was still saying like another month until 2 days before it shipped.

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I'm happy for you! I went into Best Buy, today, to see if they had any in stock. The rep told me that they we're getting some, later in the week. But, he said that I would have to be there, as soon as the truck pulled up, to have any chance of getting one, lol.

Ordered one on amazon. Was told it will ship late October or early November. Figured I'd check Best Buy on line a couple of weeks back. On Sunday all stores in a large radius showed sold out. Checked again on the following Tuesday store showed in stock. I get there 10 minutes after opening and of the five they had on hand only two remain. I needed two but didn't won't to deprive someone else of the awesomeness that is chromecast. Keep checking best buy online and get there early if they have them.

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I've gotten two from best buy with no problems. Could have gotten more yesterday. Just keep an eye out for them.

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Works fairly well with my HTC One X, with occasional unexplained pauses playing videos directly from the phone (Im' running 802.11N 25 feet from the router.)

It will also occasionally lose the Chromcast and pop up the list of all Chromcasts for me to choose one right in the middle of playing. (There is exactly ONE Chromecast on the network, so the choice is sort of silly).

A video shot in Vertical orientation is handled horribly. But the rest work very well, other than the pauses.

I keep telling ppl that but they won't listen. Why they even bother buying a 1080p phone if they won't use it correctly?

Just tried videos from my gallery and it works perfectly! So awesome!!! :D

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I'm not seeing the button in the drop down menu in my gallery.... Works perfect in drop box and docs though

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Okay, I see it now. I only tried pictures. I was really hoping I'd be able to cast pictures as well

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My videos in portrait mode plays sideways, but landscape plays perfectly.

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Kinda buggy for me and the videos are sideways but amazing that he was able to create this in so little time. Can't wait for the final app to be released!

Ahhhhh... That's the reason. I would hope the final version would be able to detect that and fix... Still awesome to be able to play my movies in Dropbox

Doesn't seem to work for me with Google Drive when I synced two test videos to it. Maybe it's the format the videos are in maybe?

OK so I installed the program I can Google drove to work just won't stream music, cannot get gallery to work though not sure why. Long press image doesn't bring up any options for allcast. Hope it works need more from the chromecast.

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Works amazing unless you have an .avi file to play. Doesn't seem to recognize those, is there a way to get those to work?

Working flawless on Sprint Gnex 4.2.1 unlocked,rooted, stock. Would really like to see gallery picture support, and eventually screen mirror. Keep up the good work!

For those that can't find a chromecast, best buy stores are getting more and more in stock. Just keep checking. Mine had 3 yesterday. Just keep looking.

Via Android Central App from a Galaxy Note 2

Am impressed with this with a couple of minutes playing with it. Couldn't get my videos to play from DropBox (may be the video format). Didn't work with the stock gallery on the HTC One, but worked flawlessly with the Android Gallery that I have on the phone as well. As someone who has not rooted any of my devices, I love what Koush puts out for us non-rooted individuals (Helium is one perfect example).

Yes keep checking your local Best buy. Took me 3 weeks before I finally got one. Call the store and see what day the truck comes each week. On that day, go about 7pm and they should be unpacking stock. Worked for me.

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I think you replied to the wrong comment.
On the other hand, Maybe HTC gallery has some restriction coding.

I downloaded and tested this apk on both my 2013 N7 w Cyanogenmod 10.2 and HTC One google edition rom. Both are running Android 4.3 but the aircast only seems to work on my CM equipped tablet, but I can proidly say Im directly streaming videos from my tablet storage to my TV

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This is why I like watch what Android is up to. I have a Windows phone, and there's no way I could do cool stuff like this on my phone. So cool.

Works nicely from my Nexus 4 Gallery.

What's the reason for not casting still photos as well? Sharing photos on the big screen wirelessly is super handy, but doing so from Google+ in a Chrome tab on a laptop is nowhere near as handy as from a phone.

I suppose I need only wait a few weeks and someone will have a solution...

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The Allcast app does nothing on my Nexus 7. Looking forward to Google getting Chromecast running on my Nexus Chrome browser, but til then at least it does a great job with Netflix/HuluPlus/YouTube.

The Allcast app does nothing on my Nexus 7. Looking forward to Google getting Chromecast running on my Nexus Chrome browser, but til then at least it does a great job with Netflix/HuluPlus/YouTube.