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It's been just 10 days since HBO teased that its HBO Go streaming service would be coming to Android -- and today's the day.

It's a simple premise: If you're an HBO subscriber, you sign in (I used my Cox Cable log-in) and have access to movies, series -- all the content HBO has to offer, really -- and it's served up to your Android phone. Hopefully we'll see it on Honeycomb tablets in the near future. But for now, that's not an option.

The user interface is simple enough. Browse programs and watch them. You can dive through the extensive list of movies, series, comedy, sports, documentaries and (of course), late-night.

The streaming quality was pretty good, though you're a bit let down because the preview images on the app are nicer than what you'll actually be watching. It'll work on either 3G or Wifi. And if the buffering drops off, the stream will revert to audio-only while it catches up.

Anyhoo, if you're looking to get your HBO fix while you're on the go, the aptly named HBO will get it done.

We've got video of it in action, as well as download links, after the break.

Youtube link for mobile viewing
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ambrodsky says:


Why the heck can't I put it on my Droid X! I was so excited for this. #EPIC FAIL!

voiceonly says:

Works on my Droid (Froyo), but... how f'ing lame is this in that TIME WARNER is not supported! Are you shitting me?

Psyc says:

Totally agree sucks Time Warner is not supported. We pay for there service.

TBolt says:

I emailed Time Warner a big WTF. Suggest everyone emails them so they give us our app for craps sake.

Time Warner better not tell me I have to go buy an iPad to use their mobile streaming service.

Flowmastr1x says:

Tried to log in using the account I have on my iPad and the option to do that just leads you to making a new account so i tried to do that using 4 different emails and all i got is that the email is already in use when I know its not. So right now for Android this app is no good (Epic 4G Froyo 2.2)

sirkirby says:

I've got it on my nexus s, but not support for my xoom. Would have really liked some tablet love on this first release...I'll just have to steal the wifes iPad to get my game of thrones fix on the go.

Why can't I find this in the market? And the link doesn't work... dx

jmayfield123 says:

Are you running gingerbread?

Anubis says:

My eyes aren't as good as Phils because I'm not let down at all, I think it looks great! I love that it starts playing smoothly in just 2-3 seconds of hitting play on LTE. I was gonna ditch HBO to save a few bucks, not now. Okay back to not working and watching a movie at work :)

I agree, the video quality is darn near perfect and amongst the best I've seen on Android. I've only seen better from movies I convert myself and frankly this is VERY close to that quality. IMO, this has instantly become THE Android app to have! Oddly enough he liked the audio which imo can be improved as it definitely sounds compressed.

EDIT; Okay now I know why phil wasn't in love with the VQ: some movies look good, some look bit starved. I guess video quality is content dependent. The Sopranos looks fantastic for example. The movie Blame it on Rio looks bit starved, particularly during motion.

Sage_F says:

I downloaded this on my Droid X, works fine. No force closes, streams well over 3G. I also use this on my PC and the app makes you create a new ID. All in all pretty good app.

artacn says:

Works good on my EVO

jmayfield123 says:

Can't install on Droid X with Gingerbread but can on Froyo Droid X. Can we get an apk up somewhere?

arundc says:

Installs on my X but how about some love for the Tablets? (Not compatible with Xoom...)

web0rama says:

Does this only work with select cable suppliers?

voiceonly says:

Apparently TIME WARNER is NOT one of the ones it works with.. FAIL!

^ that... gb, can't find app.

ambrodsky says:

Okay, so Droid X Froyo works, but not Gingerbread, which I have. an .APK would be great.

BrianTufo says:

Just got it on my Inspire 4G with GB ROM. Loads quick on 3G with only 1-2 bars and looks decent for the low signal. No complaints from me!

hmmm says:

When I log in it says parental controls are preventing access. I do not have parental controls setup. Probably something with Comcast.

ZDriver says:

This will probably be sideloaded on a tablet soon enough!!!

danyzfr6 says:

Works well on Evo 4G (Fresh and Galaxy Tab (stock rom)! I have Xfinity. Why can't Netflix stream video? HBO doesn't seem to have any issues doing it. Strange.

faraji834#AC says:

Once again, Time Warner customers are over-charged & left wondering what the HELL they're doing paying for something they can't access!!!


daso says:

Same Here!!! What a let-down.

I'm with these guys...

madroix says:

I am right there with you brother. F Time Warner. I am about to go to Fios so hopefully I can get it to work.

web0rama says:

A 15mb app that I can't move to SD?

Wish I had a nicer phone so I could afford to hand over that precious real estate in my internal memory...

Here you go....apk link is on the bottom of this page ...

Your welcome.

chayes995 says:

Thank you for the .apk link. Works great for DX gingerbread

tjubb says:

Sweeeeeet! I can live with this until Netflix can figure things out. Why can HBO git-r-dun but not Netflix?

VDoubleUVR6 says:

Works great on my X with to side load it on my gtab tonight.

Installed and working on Droid X Gingerbread 2.3. I am not running the latest leak of Gingerbread, the one previous to .588...

thesadrobots says:

really should have tried to download the app or checked the comments BEFORE ordering the hdmi cable for my xoom

tjubb says:

no go on the Xoom. You can see it in the Market but it's grayed out for your Xoom when you try to install. Tried to sideload the apk and it installs but when you open the app it says you have an incompatible device. Matter or time before the slick devs get it working I'm sure!

lornaevo says:

Needs time Warner support.

forkball316 says:

I get a force close every time I attempt to sign in only my Incredible. A little disappointing that its not ready for honeycomb tablets but its not like I can't use my Slingplayer if need be.

sorensent says:

sorry, wrong post

Installed on my DroidX. Started playing an episode of Game of Thrones, cancelled out of the app, and now when I try to play something else I get the message "This GO ID is playing video on another computer or device. Please stop the previous video stream or try again later." Anybody else get this? Also, there's no way to cancel out of the stream...WTF HBO, who did the use cases for this thing?!?!!?

sorensent says:

Same issue on my Droid X, frustrating.

Giftguy73 says:

Great, no cablevision. Anyone else have this issue with a cablevision account.

nemov says:

It doesn't work on the Original Droid.

ghess517 says:

No real WiFi in my area, 4g will be two years, 3g works as long as your not in a basement. Will be even better with a minor update or two..

gyroslice says:

is comcast on the list of providers?

wowser says:

Yeah but it is listed as "Xfinity". Works good on my Fascinate

El Jefe says:

FAIL for my cable provider not being supported.

newboyx says:

Holy crap, it works on my P.O.S. Intercept! This makes me hate my phone a little less.

captain_dl says:

Everytime I try to start the app it keeps forcing me to create a new HBO GO account. This is getting very annoying. I will run out of email addresses soon.

Same here. Are you Charter? I keep getting told that I can't play anything because I have exceeded the limit of streams for my household. There are no other active streams going on.

captain_dl says:

Yep. Charter customer. I have searched the Charter site and found nothing. I'm going to call Charter when I get home from work.

md0600 says:

let us know what you find out, mine is doing the same thing.

I spoke with a charter rep last night and was told that only those who got an invite for the beta will be able to login. after telling her I didn't get an invite but was still able to login a couple times she said that never should have happened.

captain_dl says:

I was actually able to log into the HBO Go website and when asked to create an HBO Go account, I made one with just a user name only (it is the only field required). Then I was able to log into the app on my Droid X and it works perfectly. I have signed out of the app several times and successfully logged back in and watched movies.

schrack3000 says:

Droid incredible. Comcast user. Works perfectly.

HTC Thunderbolt with COX Cable

It works fantastic!! Video quality is the best I've seen from ANY Android app, period. I've only seen it look this good on movies I convert myself. I have no idea what Phil is seeing but I wasn't let down at all by the video quality, I can assure you won' be either. Wish the audio was a tad better(sounds somewhat compressed) but that's my only nitpick right now! You can even pause and play!!

EVERY episode of the Sopranos on my TBolt!!! The best part it that this wasn't supposed to drop until May's really nice to see an app drop EARLY for a change!! :)

Thank you HBO!!!

Mexigreek says:

Works good on HTC Thunderbolt on Comcast in SF Bay.

Okay now I know why Phil didn't like the video as much: it's content dependent. Some movies look great, some look bit starved. i flipped thru some movies and it was very hit and miss. If you want to see good quality check out the Sopranos

Another great feature: you can hit the home button to get out of the app if you need to do something, then you can go back, hit the play button again and it picks up where you left off.

irony#AC says:

bah another TWC customer here feeling shafted. FiOS can't come soon enough!

a1locjaw says:

App does not supported on original uptodate stock Droid.

sclexgs300 says:

Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable Email Support. At the end of this email, you will be given the option of taking a brief survey. I understand that you would like us to support the HBO -Go application for Android Mobile Devices. I will be glad to assist you with the issue. I would like to inform you that we are actively negotiating an agreement with HBO, but a finalization date has not been determined. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to E-mail us and we will be happy to help. If you have any further questions, please respond to this email or contact our Live Chat at the following link: Localization/Corporate.ashx? tid=21&linkid=11 Customer support is available 24x7

fundun says:

I have a Droid X with the Gingerbread leak. I side loaded from the XDA forum link and was getting the Parental Controls error. I added parental controls and changed movies from NC-17 to R and the error went away.