OK, Chromecast fans. Add another supported app onto the list. HBO has just updated its HBO Go Android app to support Chromecast. 

And ... well, that's about it. Fire it up just like you would any other Chromecast stream, and you're watching HBO on your TV, through Chromecast. You'll still need an HBO subscription, of course. And some sort of Android device. And a Chromecast. But other than that, this is pure magic.

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HBO Go Android app updated with Chromecast support


Cool!!! Now all I need is to be able to stream my local media, then I'm all set.

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this is great for us Comcast customers who have HBO go blocked on our Ruko's and such. (I hope there is no way they can block this)

Good catch. After waiting forever for them to update to 4.3 - like only a month before KitKat dropped - only to have 4.4 break it, so I hadn't been aware it had been updated. Sweet. Now I don't need to use my friend's XBL Gold account to watch on my TV.

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Wish I could get an HBO orHBO Go subscription without cable. When will content providers realize how much money they could make going ala carte?

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

Because they won't make more money. They would have to charge $5 or less and then have way less control. In reality they charge $10 and everyone complains about it being more expensive than Netflix. For now, like it or not, they are going to stay with cable.


HBO probably wouldn't be able to do it. They'd have to charge individual subscribers a LOT. One of NPR's programs (which I can't specifically name because it has a spam-triggering word in the title) did a pretty good podcast a few months ago that talks about that and some other cable bill weirdness.

I honestly do not think that is too far out. The apps, IMO, are a sign they are serious about offering their own subscription.

Wrong. Hbo gets used as a bargaining chip during cable retransmission contract negotiations. That's why all the best shows are on the movie channels now.


If I have to have an HBO subscription with a cable box, then why would I want to use a tablet or computer and chromecast to watch HBO?

Most cable services have video on demand or DVRs built in.
So why wouldn't I just use my cable system to watch HBO?

I thought 'casting' to a TV from the internet was about getting rid of the cable box and package channel deals to save money and add convenience.

This makes little sense to me.

HBO Go offerings are much more extensive than what you get via OnDemand. For example you can access every episode of every series HBO has ever broadcast. You can't do that via OnDemand. Also the library of available movies is larger with HBO Go than OnDemand.

Plus you can take your HBO to other rooms/places without paying for an extra box etc. Chromecasting is just a bonus to the app really, you could do the same thing but wired with a SP adapter, so why limit it wirelessly?

Yay! Now people who can watch HBO on their TV can watch....HBO on their TV!

I'm sure I'm missing something here, but so is HBO.

I use another persons HBO log in buy I can only watch HBO on the GO app. Now I can just watch it on my TV with chromecast.

Oh cool, so your HBO channel lets you watch any episode of their shows any time you want with a fantastic interface? Lucky you! Mine just plays scheduled programming.

My HBO On Demand only allows me to watch the latest season of their shows. The HBO Go app gives me access to all seasons of whatever show I want to watch. The app is better than what my cable provider allows.

I was trying to figure out why this would matter if you can already watch HBO on your TV. It now makes sense that its about the GO app giving you more access to older content and now can watch it on your TV. Thanks.

People don't want to rent boxes for every room, you can still have cable without a box, but you don't get the digital stuff. So ya, try again.


Android Central App question: should I be able to link to the supported app list (or anything else in Forums) within the Android Central app? It always links out to Chrome, which sucks. Tried clearing defaults...haven't checked app settings yet.

Thanks, folks.

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Try going to your device Settings/Apps and select Chrome, then Clear Defaults. That may resolve the issue.

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I see that it works for some of you with KitKat 4.4... But for me HBO Go and Max Go both crash for me!

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Good bye Xbox live subscription, that was the only thing holding me back.

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Crunchyroll to get chromecast support, then the circle will be complete :-)

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Hopefully soon, HBO, Turner Classic Movies, and other channels without commercials will offer Roku channels.
I don't foresee ever again subscribing to television.
The networks (with their buttload of ad money) should pay cable and satellite companies to deliver the content free to our homes.
In exchange, we have to put up with their stupid ads.
If a network isn't making enough from ads, then go out of business.

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The irony of your statement was that your cable fees were supposed to pay for the channel ad free, but someone got greedy.


It must be the "New Math". What's the big deal with this? Other then going to a friends house that doesn't have HBO with your dongle in tow, what's the benefit?

With FiOS HBO, I get 28 HBO channels (14 HD and 14 SD). I also get free HBOGO as well as free HBO on demand. So, Other than the ability to more easily watch some back catalog HBOGO show that I've probably already seen on my TV rather than my PC, tablet or smartphone. Again,what's the big deal?