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Calling all Muggles -- JK Rowling's Harry Potter series will finally be hitting e-readers this fall, and it'll be available on Android. There's a bit of a catch, as you'll actually be buying the books from the new Pottermore site in October. When you purchase, you'll have the option to save the book to your Google Books library. And from there, you can read on any Android smartphone or tablet (or any non-Android or iOS device that has a browser).

Google also announced that Google Checkout is the preferred third-party checkout for Pottermore. So if you've got an Android phone and have ever purchased an app from the Android Market, you're already set. More details are set to unfold leading up to the launch this fall.

Source: Google Books Blog


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Harry Potter books coming to Android in October via Pottermore and Google Books


Hipsters don't hate harry potter due to it being popular.

Damn people need to quit using the term if they don't know what it means. If you were taking the divine comedy then it would be hipster.

Anywho this will sale gangbusters and i get she wants to control her property but wouldn't amazon be the smarter route. Most people won't migrate to google books for one series.

Actually, she's selling them on her own sight called Pottermore, that way there's no middleman and more profit for her. Google is just another way to pay for them but you would still get them from the pottermore site. Pretty smart on her part to do instead of using amazon.

from google books, you can download your ebooks in a few different formats, nook being one of the compatible formats listed.