Small improvements both inside and out, with no bump in sensor quality

Samsung was sure to let us know that the latest iteration of its Galaxy Camera was on its way at CES, and we were lucky enough to spend a little time with it on the show floor. The Galaxy Camera 2, as it's called, refines the design just slightly and bumps the internal specs — a larger battery, faster processor and double the RAM. Aside from new shooting modes and Android 4.3 onboard the camera interface, lens and sensor are unchanged — you'll be taking pictures of the same quality as you did on the original.

Be sure to check out our hands-on comparison video (above) between the Galaxy Camera 2 and its older sibling, as well as a photo gallery after the break.

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2Samsung Galaxy Camera 2


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Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2



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I hope samsung packs more in the camera department the last galaxy camera was good but the only downside was THE camera but I like the design a lot

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The camera specs haven't been improved, only the regular internals you'd see in an Android device.

But if you want something like this but with a better camera, there's the Galaxy NX. Really expensive though.

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This screams leftovers. How could they not improve the one thing people said was just mediocre. Oh well, looks nice and all but for the price of these things it's hard for me to justify.

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My only grip is I wish the screen was more like 4.5-4.7 inches in size, and Snapdragon 800. And of course Tmo LTE!

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Is it just 8Gb of internal storage? If so, that would be an issue for me, regardless of expansion options. Also - why?

They could make a lot of sense for Technology Journalists, people involved in marketing or property, medical workers, the police and many other roles.

For me it needs to be a real alternative to a taking a camera AND a highly specified smart phone. I just don't see it as a top rated all round smart phone, with a superb camera. It could (and should) have been just that.

Most cameras have far less internal storage. So how is this a problem?

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