HTC One OtterBox Commuter

Two cases with distinct styling and different levels of protection

We're here at CTIA 2013 in Las Vegas, and although the show hasn't officially kicked off yet we had the opportunity to play with two of Otterbox's latest cases for the HTC One. At the middle and high tier of protection from Otterbox, the "Commuter" and "Defender" cases for the One are stylish but extremely functional options. The Commuter is the thinner of the two, with a two piece design that's primarily a rubber wrap-around case with a hard plastic shell that clips onto it. It doesn't add a considerable amount of bulk to the device but does add a serious amount of protection. If the Commuter isn't enough, the Defender will likely cover your device from anything you throw at it. A larger affair, the Defender has an integrated screen protector in the case, as well as extra shock protection. The end result is a case that is a touch thicker than the Commuter but considerably more rugged.

Both cases keep every function and button of the phone unobstructed -- as you would hope -- including the power button IR blaster and all microphone ports. Stick around after the break for a gallery of the two cases wrapped around an HTC One, with the thinner Commuter first then followed by the thicker and more durable Defender.

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Reader comments

Hands-on with Otterbox Defender and Commuter cases for the HTC One


I actually kind of like it, but I don't go for sleek and pretty. I just wish the company branding was a little more subtle.

Is it me or Otter is overrated?
This looks like a happy meal toy.

What's the point of buying this phone if you gonna put it in this case

I can see using the defender in specific situations. I would never use it on a daily basis, but if I were doing landscaping on the weekend, or hiking or some activity where the phone would be at high risk for a limited time, I would.

If I wanted an ugly plastic phone, I would have gotten a Galaxy instead of the One. I went two years with a naked iPhone and had no damage. I'll take my chances.

That's fine, but just don't run to your computer to bash whomever if it breaks ; p For the record I would never rock this case, on any device, except for some an ATV/MB/backpacking trip I planned to use the GPS. Even then, it'd probably just be in a backpack.

But the One has a much better screen, much better speakers, and smoother performance. This way you get the dent and impact resistance of plastic/rubber and the superior experience of using the One.

I love the Commuter for my One. I don't keep it on full-time, mainly at work when I'm climbing towers or working over gravel fence areas where a drop would seriously damage it. The Commuter is great protection when you need it but it's easy to remove when I don't need it and want to show off my classy phone.

i hate that shit hard brittle plastic that Otterbox uses. and i hate those shit rubber port cover flaps they have.

i love the TPU cases by Diztronic the best. great quality and value!

What a shame. The most beautiful Android device ever covered up in the most hideous of cases.

I just got the plastic back protector. Clear plastic, protects the back from scratches, and shows the phone in all its glory.