Opera Mini Beta 5

Opera Mini 5 beta hit the Android Market this morning, and we've been putting it through its paces. It's important to remember that this is Opera Mini, not the Opera Mobile we saw at Mobile World Congress, and the two behave differently.

Opera Mini features data compression on the server side, which means it's fast. Very fast. It will load almost anything faster than a standard mobile browser, so there's almost no point in comparing the two (we don't bother in this hands-on). Also remember that this is beta software, so bugs are likely. And, no, there's no Flash support, and no multitouch. But everything ran pretty smoothly in our brief testing. Check it out after the break.


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Hands-on with the Opera Mini 5 beta browser for Android


I just tried Opera Mini out myself and am really enjoying it thus far. The one problem I have with it is that it doesn't have an option for setting it as the default browser. Which, kind of stinks considering that I use a lot of apps and so forth that include links or options that re-route to the default browser. That is the only problem I have found with it so far.

Does anyone know how to make Opera Mini the default browser on an HTC Hero? The application-specific settings in Android have the "Clear Default" data button grayed out. I was hoping to clear that, then click on a link and choose Opera Mini as the default action.

Basically I'd like to launch links from Text Messages and E-mails in Opera Mini. So much faster!

Thanks, -Matt

Wow! This browser is really fast...that's all I need to make this a keeper. Now all Opera needs to do is add the option to make it the default browser. I think I'll email them that suggestion.

i have no idea if it is right, but i think the browser could not be a default browser, because it is no native android app, it uses it's own framework, and if this is right, it sucks :(

it maybe faster but it doesn't have flash like the stock browser and the stock browser can be just as fast if you turn off a few things *STILL WAITING FOR OPERA MOBILE

Super fast! wow loads pages up 5x quicker! im speechless... now if i could only set it up as the default Browser!

eventually it could be set to default browser. had a bb storm and you could set as native on this exact build. they just havent implemented yet.and yes, its super fast and renders pages almost like desktop. only thing is that it uses system fonts which take away from it a bit....

Ok I am trying to find the differences between Mini/Mobile. This article talks about how it's NOT the same browser as the one seen in MWC. What I'm struggling with is that the video in the link on this article to Opera Mobile, that software looks and behaves highly similar to Mini. I'm just not seeing the difference or what I'm missing.

Multitouch is way over rated in my opinion, I use it so little the double tap to zoom works great for the most part. Xscope is still the best android browser around right now.

Only an idiot would want to move backwards, and make no mistake, no pinch to zoom is a step backwards. Not having the option is assanine.

How were you able to make it your default browser on your Moment. I have one and haven't figured it out yet. Can you let me know. Thanks.

How were you able to make it your default browser on your Moment. I have one and haven't figured it out yet. Can you let me know. Thanks.

is that the default nexus keyboard?...I haven't really seen one yet like that. Maybe i'm way off base.

I tried it, but switched back to standard browser. I guess I'm still lagging a bit behind though, I only got my droid about 2 weeks ago. Still kinda new.

My evo kept asking me which to set as default. I accidentally hit default for Internet. I went into applications and unset default for 'internet'. I ran Opera but it didn't ask me which to set as default.

There are apps which claim to change this> The one I tried didn't work.