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What do you get when you stick Dieter and myself in front of a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play with a handful of new games? Hands-on video, of course. Actually, tonight at a Verizon gathering at CTIA was my first time using the Xperia Play (Dieter did the initial hands-on back at Mobile World Congress.) And hardware-wise, it's agreeable. And the basic user interface isn't too shabby, and it's snappy enough. But games were a bit slow to load, and they're not as smooth as what we've seen on the likes of Tegra 2 devices.

But the point is, we just played Crash Bandicoot on the Xperia Play, taking us back to good ol' 1997. And who doesn't like that? Check it above, and we've got more video of the touchpads (ie analog sticks) after the break.

">Youtube link for mobile viewing
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Croak#AC says:

Fellas, were you multi-tasking those games? That could explain the load times.

AceOptimus says: guys are lost on those buttons in the first video.

Ill stick with the new psp touch for those kind of games... using ur phone is great and all but it will murder the battery... nice phone

Jonneh says:

Looks good. :)

twan2001 says:

is the dude that was reviewing this slow or something. he couldn't figure out how to use the product and complained about it the whole time. it seems like a cool product though.

IceDree says:

If Grand Theft Auto came to the Xperia Play , I'll be the first one in line to get one

boarder3 says:

When is it being released