One of the cool things about CES is getting to play with phones that will otherwise never see the light of day in the U.S. And one of those phones is the Motorola XT806LX. It's a Chinese device, rocking a custom version of Android.

But what's really cool is that it sports two touchscreens, one atop the other. The top screen is capacitive, and lets you use the phone just like any other Android smartphone. The screen on the bottom is resistive, and you use a stylus with it. That's to help with the Chinese characters. Toss in a TV antenna and a bunch of Swarovski crystals (20 or so), and you've got a stylish and functional device.

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The Chinese like to keep it classic with the antenna lol

I would buy this in a heartbeat. If 9,999 or so more of you guys would, too, we could try to talk them into making an unlocked import version :p

crichton007 says:

Thank you, THANK YOU, for adding that lame music on top of this video!

Saturn2K says:

What? You don't love the bah, bah, ba-dah ba-dah bah, bah? I have the music on a continuous loop throughout my day!

Seriously, they need to fade that crap out after the intro.

gcims says:

its gone now....

darkmax says:

Yes, I can see why it is the cheap version. You just threw your own product down on the table like it was some sort of trash.....

The idea is cool for the lux version, but the specs are less than desirable. VGA front camera and a 5mpx main shooter... come on now. We are not back in 2005-2007 are we?

Jonneh says:

Really cool!
Wish it were coming to the US...if it can handle the Chinese writing then it can handle Japanese as well...would be super useful for students of either language!

mike340t says:

small screen and not the best specs but great features/ideas.. I wonder how that 'audio piping' sounds...