HTC One.

The darker side of the HTC One reaffirms the device's status as the most attractive smartphone on the market today

If you thought the HTC One was already the most handsome smartphone on the market today, you'll want to do yourself a favor and check it out the"Stealth Black" variant, available on both Sprint and, as of last week, AT&T. HTC is onhand here in Vegas showing off the darker side of the One and we've got to admit we're pretty smitten. Its aluminum finish is sleek, stylish, and dare we say "stealthy", though you'll notice it does appear to show blemishes, and especially fingerprints, more easily than its silver brother. Whichever flavor you prefer, we still stick by our guns and say that you'll have a hard time going wrong with HTC's flagship. Some more glamour shots can be found after the break.


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Jdane07 says:

Hmmm... so black or silver then?

Wait.... never mind. Verizon -_-

sfreemanoh says:

/sigh Yeah, I know...

emirozmen says:

Blue! Verizon exclusive ;)

return_0 says:

"reaffirms the device's status as the most attractive smartphone on the market today"

Sorry, but Nexus 4 still gets that prize.

Said the man with buyer's remorse.

mwara244 says:

I own nexus devices, Gnex and N7 and i hate the glass back of the N4, not to mention it will crack if the glass is warm and you set it down on a cold surface like a granite kitchen top.

If the one came with pure android I'd buy it in a heartbeat, like the nexus-like GS4, Hopefully there will be a dev edition when it comes to verizon

user7618 says:

HTC already posts a dev edition One.

user7618 says:

Offers* jeez...

nuprotocol says:

@Peter Venkman, I wish there was a way to DOUBLE LIKE your post. Thank you! lol

Coldy86 says:


bumpandrun says:


Not IMO the One takes the cake for that.

Sorry disagree

rumanuu76 says:

No no no. Imo the One is in a league of its own. Prefer the silver one though

The Nexus 4 is the most attractive smartphone on the market? Get real. The only thing that has going for it is the price tag. The One has amazing looks.

user311 says:

Nothing says scratch magnet like anodized black aluminum

Awake says:

And yet I have no scratches on mine.

Adamsville says:

2 weeks in, no case yet no scratches boooya

Guys the black version has been on shelves for a couple weeks now. Why is this a story? Only ONE news I care about is Verizon related. If not. Don't bother.

tdizzel says:

That's right cuz you are the most important person in the entire universe and the whole site should be devoted to you and your needs.

Lol go to bed dizzie

kaablewy says:

What are you doing? You should only care about you or verizons bedtime.

I wish I could make love to this beautiful device.

Well I guess I could, but I mean, that'd be kinda weird...

dchawk81 says:

As if wanting to isn't weird... ;-)

ultravisitor says:

Looks a lot like my old Droid X.

But thankfully it performs NOTHING like your old droid X.

Dan29466 says:

That's the first thing I thought of when I saw it.

I went with the silver and bought a matte black tpu case for it, because I love the way it looks from the front with the case on, black on the outside and you can see the silver speaker lining it looks sexy

sup3r1or says:

I would honestly hold your horses on a black one. I live in Thailand at the moment they had this one for a month or so along with silver and orange one. I went to the shop to try and buy HTC one yesterday (it was out of stock as usual) and I saw a guy bringing his 3 weeks old Black One to the shop he showed me the phone, corners and edges started to turn silver with scratches. I might end up getting silver one to be on the safe side.

Kevin Salt says:

Orange One ?? .. an HTC One in Orange ? You sure this isn't a Thai special 'genuine copy' ??

HTC only make Silver and Black Ones right now ... or is there something they haven't told the rest of the world outside Thailand yet?

sup3r1or says:

Tomorrow I will go and snap a photo for you. Its not all orange it sort of black and the top part where speaker is and bottom one is orange color that goes all around the phone. I have only seen it at 2 shops and both have no stock. I hope that wasnt a skin though

PS Update sorry mate it wasnt orange it is actually red.

still will pop to the shop tmr to snap a photo for u

The red photo you posted is from pre-release promo shots. The only official HTC Ones that have been released are in Silver or Black. The shop you were at is selling phones that are after-market painted. That is why the guy had a "black" phone that had the color scratch off to reveal silver.

graffixnyc says:

I couldn't decide which color to get, so I got both silver and black (both 64gb versions)

Cholmesg1 says:

No T-Mobile....oh well still awesome device. Can't wait to get one...

Gator352 says:

I'm happy with my stealth black "one". I had the silver but it had build quality issues. Lifted screen on top left, gap near power button, and it shows dirt...a lot more than the black one. BUT, I also can see the black wearing down, especially when in a pocket....sooooooo....the color plaid it is!

XXX0307 says:

this is going to scuff just like the iphone 5 and it kind of diminishes the one's special design imo.

mathiasjk says:

Looks like a freaking B2-Bomber!

Jet300 says:

It really doesn't...

Voliam says:

I find it ludicrous that this comes out the day after the Otterbox cover article, and the positive response it received.
Folks continue to gloat about their beautiful devices, only to slap a protective cover on it. I'm not bashing the One, this relates to any device on the market.
It's equivalent to putting a veil on a beautiful woman, except the chance of dropping her is much lower.

Yea dont know why that is. There was no way I was putting a case on this thing. I have an xtreme body kit on mine that you absolutely cannot see. But its there so no scratches, but you can see the sexiness of the build. naked is always the way to go.

bumpandrun says:

I always laugh when the discussions come up about the looks of the phone. VERY FEW people carry a phone that you can actually see any more. A lot of the cases (especially for iphone) are hideous!

KineticMD says:

This is why I got a bumper case with a clear back. No way in hell was I going to hide dat ass.

JEvoUser says:

I am with you, personally I can't stand bulky cases :-)

VDub2174 says:

I'm gonna have to sell off a bunch of stuff to buy this version :p

aaronwe says:

I looked at the black and silver side-by-side in an AT&T store yesterday... both nice, but the silver definitely shows off the design better.

Ordinarily I'm a fan of plain black, but the "stealth" is an accurate descriptor... the One is such a beautiful piece of hardware it really does deserve the silver trim.

bangishotyou says:

It's like how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black.

bumpandrun says:

I prefer the silver because I'm outdoors a lot playing golf and volleyball and it doesn't get as hot as a black phone in the sun.

My wife has the silver One, I just got the black One. The black looks better. But either way, an awesome phone.

hmmm says:

Looks like the EVO LTE which a lot of people thought was ugly. Maybe the back of the phone is the overall indicator of whether a phone is ugly or not though.

Ugly in my opinion. Those speakers are hideous.

richard451 says:

That second to last shot shows silver all along the gap. Not very attractive.

Fussolia says:

I swear I thought I was looking at the BlackBerry Z10...

Synycalwon says:

Ha! That's what I was thinking, or kind of like a black iPhone 5. It's purely subjective, but yuck! No thanks. Whether black or silver, color me unimpressed. I don't get all the drooling over the so called build quality. I don't see it. Not to mention I'm not a fan of the new Sense 5 and the button arrangement. But anyway, to each their own! :)

Had mine for a week and no issues. Love the phone. First time in years I will likely not install a custom ROM.

I love the industrial look, and stealth black mmm mmmm mmmmm!!! Thank goodness I held out for this cause I'm absolutely loving this phone!!!

RaiderWill says:

Mine is Black.. With a Black Background Pic of a Black Car.. Has a Black Screen Protector and is rapped in a Black Case.. It's currently in my Black on Black Car in my Black Pants Pocket..

My favorite Color is.. Silver & White.

jlczl says:

I was like....."YES!" Until you said you had it in a black case........BOO.

Beautiful phone covered up in a case.

Be very careful as i would suggest with a month or two of general use and that black will start to wear a little like the iphone 5 in black.

I have no experience with the HTC One, but my EVO LTE in black aluminum has no color wear to be found.


My Stealth Black One is heading back to Sprint. Dead pixel and separation near the volume rocker is unacceptable for a full price device. Had to return the prior Silver One for similar quality issues too. Looks like I'm sticking with the EVO LTE, for now.

(not to mention the lack of SVDO which is very necessary given Sprints extremely spotty LTE coverage thus far)