HTC Legend Hands-on

Hold the HTC Legend for the first time, and it's instant love. Let a month go by and come back to it, and you start to wonder how you ever did without it.

Such is the case with the Legend, Android 2.1 and HTC's custom Sense user interface. (Read our preview of the Sense here.) A little more than a month after we were in Barcelona for its unveiling at Mobile World Congress, it's time to give the Legend and its unibody design another spin.

Initial hands-on after the break, and look for a full review in the coming days.

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eljoker says:

why is there a gap between then screen and soft buttons?

nkwebb140 says:

Is this available in the US or will it be? Thats my dumb question of the day. Enjoy.

dfresh#AC says:

This is making me more excited for the possibility of the Desire debut on AT&T. Thank you, Phil.

gbhil#AC says:

Don't scratch my phone Phil lol. This is the phone I would drop my Hero for.

pjjanak says:

This thing looks pretty damn sexy. Wonder if VZW will ever get it?

Also...I am suddenly jealous that you have access to 10,000 toys (phones). How could you ever get bored? :-p

ai4281 says:

I love my Droid, but this phone is shmexy... WANT!

captnoir says:

Seriously, how the hell are you getting all these phones? Do i need to start a site like this just for the toys, if so, done.

Droid_Moment says:

the only thing I hate about this phone is the small screen on it... like that huge gap there is annoying...

also.. Phil no disrespect or offense man, but please stop biting your finger nails... it's not healthy, and not good for your teeth either... I couldn't stop looking at them and it was quite annoying...

It looks like a great device, bit it really isn't a good upgrade from the Hero. I don't really see any great improvements. The Hero is a great device and with the new update it will almost be on the same level as this device.

LCW says:

now that I have the Desire ROM installed on my rooted Nexus One - I can say the Sense 2.1 UI is actually quite good... a lot of cool extras in there that are not in the stock Nexus ROM...

gcims says:

Thanks for all you do for the community. This may be being over-worried but did this video show a fair amount of your friends personal contact info (twitter and address book)?

Also, loved the music. David Sanborn? Porn soundtrack?

thx again.

gnpest says:


The video is no longer up, supposedly you removed it? Will it be back up anytime soon?


Whoopsie. Dunno what happened there. Re-uploading now.

gnpest says:

Tks, let us know when it's up and running.

Back up now. (Though still processing.) Sorry, must have accidentally deleted it earlier. :-/

Anonymous says:

i love this phone. sprint is taking too long to shed some info on the Legend a.k.a. Hero 2

Anonymous says:

BURN IT its an ATT sim card :P (Don't burn the phone just the sim)

Anonymous says:

WOW! What's with the sexy, 80's porn soundtrack in the background???

Anonymous says:

Why is the screen so small??? NObody will want that with such a small screen!