HTC Inspire 4G

The HTC Inspire 4G won't be available on AT&T until Feb. 13. But we've got one in our hot little hands, and it's time to put the phone through its paces. For all intents and purposes, this is a Desire HD for us here in the United States. And that's a good thing. Even better: It'll be just a mere $99 on contract.

It's got a 4.3-inch TFT LCD display, a 1GHz processor, the latest version of the HTC Sense user interface, an 8MP camera with dual flashes -- and the auspicious fortune of being AT&T's first "4G" device. We'll deal with the whole data thing later. For now, check out the quick hands-on video after the break.

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Hands-on with the HTC Inspire 4G


I believe a significant difference is that it has a "super LCD" or IPS LCD as the iphone 4 has. This is a significant improvement over the lcd in the EVO. I want HTC to release a phone with a 4.3" Super LCD. I do not want the EVO for this reason.

First at fail! Check the facts before you post. Inspire/Desire HD uses second gen processor. More RAM, better GPU, better just about everything. Basically if you call it an Evo you may as well call a 2011 Mercedes Benz S500 a 1985 Volkswagen Rabbit.

The 2011 Mercedes Benz S500 is a 1985 Volkswagen Rabbit... well not really. They don't even begin to look the same.

HOWEVER, the Desire HD, the EVO 4G, the Thunderbolt and the AT&T Inspire look like identical quadruplets.

@Mike is Mike, He was making a comparison to illustrate how this phone is not like the Evo and he's correct, where's the kick stand? Do they all have the same specs, when it come to the screen almost all android phones of this form factor will look very similar and of course the same manufacturer will create close looking screen areas in this size so the phone doesn't look ugly, picture the myTouch in this size 4.3 with its bezel in tow.

@Phil, Your prediction of Gingerbread was waaaayyyy off, this is AT&T, if you expect that they will touch Gingerbread especially so soon you must have the power to make things happen. After the launch of pricing for the Atrix I've decided to go to big Red AT&T is greedy and crippling, tether plan for a webtop dock pfftttt!

For all intents and purposes, this is a Desire HD, EVO, and Thunderbolt.

We do these guys pretend these are different phones?

Sure it's nice that each carrier gets to have one - but come on, don't talk to me like this some great "new" phone!

Hardware is different, despite what you might see. Just look at the way the battery comes out.

The processor is relatively new and is fast. Not dual core but fast enough to run every application available. The graphics processor is faster than the Evo by heaps.
Screen is super lcd.

And that's all the Evo needed improvements on. Screen + GPU.
So awesome phone. I would get it.
I mean look how fast and beautiful it is compared to the Evo.

I mean... I'm on Sprint. So I hope to get the same hardware as this phone + the new chipset 1.2ghz dualcore by summer.

This is exactly like the Evo. Heck if they wanted to make it something new and better than throw in a dual core processor and maybe some gingerbread love. This thing does not stack up at all compared to the atrix 4g or droid bionic. The Evo II is going to be quite the device though. Can;t wait to see what HTC does with it.

Looks almost as awesome as the evo you mean. No front camera, HDMI out, kick stand, 1500 battery, cheaper plan and a network that doesn't ever drop calls all of the time. Need I mention the enjoyment and productivity for the last eight months?? Plus I really like watching live ESPN at work. Like I said almost as awesome.

some people are just idiots.
this is, how do i put it, 1000 times better than the evo.
yes, ive got both.
The evo is extremly laggy and the inspire is super smooth.
Screen is ten times better.
Inspire is faster and is better than the atrix.
MOTO BLUR sux. the atrix's hype was useless.worthless phone.
INSPIRE 4G,best phone ATT has to offer.Period.
EVO is scrap to the inspire.
end of that discussion.
and you can unlock the tethering on here without having to root.
no need to buy any extra data.

They should have just called it Desire 4G to avoid all these confusion with these names.

Seriously, this is literally a Desire HD with an AT&T logo.

Root cures all. The maker of Warmtwopointtwo is now doing nightlies of Warm Z TwopointTwo or "Warm Z" for short. Based on the Desire Z platform, so far it seems to be running well on my phone. I am using Cyanogenmod 7 as my daily driver but this Warm Z seems to be coming along nicely.

I see this has the same 1230mAh battery as the Desire hD in Europe. I'd stay a mile away from this phone so. Great phone only the battery lets it down. A lot of friends bought this only to get rid of soon after. HTC really need to get better batteries into the HTC line up.

Very nice looking phone, always liked that design by HTC. HTC IMO makes the best phones. I am a very proud owner of the great Nexus One and the MyTouch 4G. I am dying to see what kind of data speeds he is getting from AT&T's 4G network. He says he gets great coverage in Florida where he lives, let's see how that 4G network puts out. I have a feeling AT&T's HSPA+ Network is going to be a big failure due to the overcrowding and lousy backhaul updates. I hope the 4G Network from AT&T works great for their customers. Time will tell.

Please, enough with that stupid music in the background of all your videos. You don't need it and it's pretty distracting.

I agree with you 100%. Its ok if you put it at the beginning of the video but not all the way through.

Boot up time (going by video timestamps) ~2:45 to 3:45
A minute is pretty snappy!
Too bad no FFC, not dual core. I consider this a midrange phone now, high midrange if pressed, helped by the screen size but not the resolution. imho

Looks nice and all, but this is too last gen to really consider in my eyes. Even though I refuse to pay the insane prices for the docks, I'll probably just grab an Atrix.

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Love the Inspire but the battery makes me wanna stick wit my Cappy and wait for the Infuse. Inspire wont let you get extended batteries.

For AT&T, this looks to be a really sweet device. I am stuck on AT&T with it's random call dropping while I am standing still yet showing 4 bars. Oh well, maybe the Atrix won't go through a battery even 4 hours....

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WELP looks like you're not putting in a larger sized battery hahaha. hopefully seidio makes one higher capacity thats the same size LOL

the rest looks clean tho. too bad its no different than the evo

I really hope HTC doesn't start doing this side loading battery crap on all their phones. This would kill the ability to do an extended battery.

Alright first of all..the inspire is a lot better than the Evo..second generation snapdragon, better GPU, more RAM, more ROM, better screen, newer version of sense, better network, and better wifi chip..only thing missing is a front facing camera..but honestly the inspire has the evo beat in every category...learn the facts before making baseless assumptions and listening to year old reviews

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I'm still learning about all the differences between the various Android products. All I can tell you is I have been using an iPhone 3Gs for 2 years and the iPhone 4 for almost a year.

I have been wanting to get away from Apple phones for sometime but always found the experiences on other phones lacking. The last Android phone I tried was the Captivate from Samsung. Worse experience of my life. Went back to iPhone.

The HTC Inspire is great. For the past two days of use I have not found myself missing the iPhone. In fact, I'm selling it now.

So HTC has a phone that is better for me than iPhone. Thank God it finally happened. I alsmost went to a Blackberry Torch.

Just one question... How do you turn Peep off? I don't use it and it's annoying.

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This phone gives the MyTouch 4G a run for its money because it is a little bit faster and has a larger screen. But the MyTouch 4G has the FFC and in my opinion a better version of sense.

im new here so i figured i would make this my first post...i jumped on teh motorola atrix band wagon...cuz the specs speak volumes...however in practice...the phone sucked...dual core..big whoop...for what?...yeah it ran smooth...but thats about was just dually eating up my battery for no reason.. typing on it was quite terrible and data connectivity was horrible...i would get signed in and out of my chats like 15 times a day...with no ability to sign back in for 15 minutes at times...i know it wasnt a service issue cuz ATT is perfect in my area...ive never had a dropped call...anyway..took the device back to ATT so i could get a new one... just thinking maybe i got a bad device...i saw teh inspire...played with it for a bit..and asked the guy if i coudl trade for that far its been 2 days...and i have no complains...its JUSt as fast as the atrix...maybe milisecond slower on some things like...opening up angry basicly...nothing important....the battery so far has been much better than that so called 1900? on the atrix...screen is nicer...a whole lot easier to type on...and build quality...well..tah atrix felt like a toy...this feels like a phone...
by numbers the atrix wins...but with actual usage...the inspire is eth clear winner....its a great phone...the end.