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The HTC Desire brand has a history stretching back to the dark depths of early 2010. The original Desire was the flagship of its time, but since then the name has been re-purposed for HTC's entry-level and mid-range smartphones. The latest phone in this range is the Desire X, which the company's showing at IFA 2012 this week.

The Desire X incorporates a classic HTC design, with rounded corners in a polycarbonate chassis. Around the back there's a large, stylized camera lens alongside branding from HTC and Beats Audio. Incidentally, as a Sense 4.1 device, the Desire X comes with Beats pre-loaded, as well as many features from the company's premium HTC One line of phones. It's packing a 1GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 768MB of RAM and a 4-inch WVGA SuperLCD display, which actually stacks up favorably against the higher-end One S's SuperAMOLED. For image capture, there's a 5MP BSI camera on the rear.

Software-wise, you get Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and HTC Sense 4.1. This means the Desire X benefits from all the performance enhancements introduced in the latest version of HTC's software layer, as well as features like menu button remapping and quick settings in the notification bar.

On the whole, it's a pretty compelling device for mid-range buyers, and a much more attractive proposition than the lower-end One V. Look for the HTC Desire X on European store shelves within the next month.


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Hands-on with the HTC Desire X


I guess when a upcoming phone doesn't even have JB it is a pretty good sign we won't be seeing JB any time soon for the other One series released only a few months ago :(

Jellybean will come at some point to the One Series. Honestly its not like your missing much. The only main app you miss out on is Google Now. And honestly its alright for what it is but takes a while for it really become useful. The improved notifications would be nice but honestly just maintaining and keeping a smooth experience wins out for me over just having a a x.1 upgrade. I can wait till HTC rolls it out which should be before year's end

Something tells me you've never used Jelly Bean. There's a lot more than new notifications and Google Now. It runs circles around ICS.

This. I'm running a Jelly Bean ROM on my Evo 4g LTE and it's so much smoother. I went back to stock after the latest update dropped but it felt so choppy compared to JB.

jelly bean is not a huge leap over ics. besides that, there are many things I dont like about jelly bean... google now being one of them, at least the voice search part. I like how ics implements it much better, its faster and more versatile.

Google Now is a feature that can be turned off.. the normal Google search is still there, it's also faster. When now is enabled you get the card system and without it, it becomes normal search. Jelly Bean has plenty of small new features that makes a huge difference. It is very snappy with vsync and the animations are lovely, but that's just eye candy.
I'd say the notification system and new Google play widgets with built in song recognition is awesome. Much better than Soundhound. The camera is also much improved with zero shutter lag and the same ability to take pics while recording as Sense.
Also one of my favorite hidden features, not sure if part of Cyanogen or official JB, is the built in Emoji icons on the stock messaging app.

Sometimes I think people don't understand how long these phones are under development for. We will start seeing JB phones but not until the ICS phones are out of the way, it's difficult to stop and redirect the train that is a phone's development cycle.

Seems interesting. I had the original Desire, so I wouldn't mind jumping back into the Desire realm to pick this one up.

Finally a dual-core 4" phone to replace my aging Nexus S. I would not like carrying a bigger phone so this might be the next one for me.