In Central London earlier today, the newly-rebranded EE mobile network was launched, promising the UK's first 4G LTE services in the coming weeks. EE plans to bring a number of Android handsets to its new 4G network, including the Galaxy S3 LTE and HTC One XL. Mobile Nations' James Richardson and Richard Edmonds were on-hand to test out EE's 4G speeds using the app and downloading Angry Birds from the Google Play Store.

Needless to say, the speeds we enjoyed at today's event were considerably higher than anything we've seen from the UK's existing HSPA+ network, delivering speeds of around 30Mbps down and 20Mbps up. Impressive as that is, we'll have to wait and see how the network holds up under real-world usage, as EE's 4G isn't yet available for public use. Check out our video above, and for more on today's EE 4G announcements, check our earlier summary.

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SpookDroid says:

Just you wait until it goes public and people start (ab)using it... :(

curley says:

Yeah, right, my Verizon LTE pulls 6 down and 2 up in Tampa Bay. Much better than 3G but not what most people are getting.

MrLadoodle says:

Your LTE is slower then my current HSPA+ on Three UK.

Zammo76 says:

Was the phone on the left connected via H+?

Also with this 4g roll out are Samsung likely to give me the option of swapping my brand new S3 for the 4g version. As now I'm tied into an 18 month contract!

plunder says:

Watching that speed test at the end. . . . "F**K!"
Shows you what a system under test can do.

masterpfa says:

Impressive with one or two phones in testing, I wonder what this would b e like with thousands of users trying to use the network.

As my current GN is not LTE enabled I am more interested to see what HSPA+ will be offered at anywhere up to a promised 21 Mbs I would be happy, knowing that more than likely obtainable speeds would approach 5-10 Mbs.

I guess with this LTE rollout we would need to wait until 2013 to see