All the LG G3 you love, with plenty of AT&T piled on for flavor

All of us here at the AC office are pretty much in love with the LG G3. We're not even going to try and deny it, nor should we. This is a damn good phone. It was good when Alex first reviewed it (and that is a must-read) and I was happy when Phil shipped me the AT&T version to have a long hard look at. I've been looking long and looking hard for about a week now, and it's time to put some words on some paper. Or a screen. You know what I mean.

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There are no surprises here. AT&T's G3, for all intents and purposes, is the same as the Korean model, or the Verizon model, or the Sprint model, or any other models we've seen so far. You have a phone with an incredible 5.5-inch QHD (the upper-case Q is for Quad) screen that has an astonishing 2560x1440 pixels on it. When you do the math, that means there are 538 pixels per inch. Even better, putting the buttons on the rear of the phone — something LG has been doing for about a year — means you can shrink the bezels down and this 5.5-inch screen is packed into a body the size of a 5-inch phone. The design is nice, with a curve that fits your hand well enough and it's thick enough at the edge to get a good grip with a couple fingers and a thumb — while leaving your index finger free to work those back buttons. Yes it's plastic that looks like metal. No it's not soft-touch plastic. Either would have been a great addition, and I'll always notice that it's hard plastic because it feels like hard plastic. At least it's not greasy, slippery hard plastic like the G2 was.

Tiny bezel, bezel for money, do what you want me to do

Under it all you have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 clocked at 2.5Ghz. Paired with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage (you'll have about 24.5 free after the OS and assorted "stuff" is loaded) to make due with, and contrary to my early fears that this just wouldn't be enough to power all those pixels, the G3 does a fine job during normal use. I still want to tear things apart and see how hot the GPU can get, or what I can break by playing with that extra Gigabyte of RAM (some models ship with just 2GB, and everyone says there's not any noticeable difference) but just a week of normal use has satisfied most of my curiosity. LG, you done good. Add in a pretty darn good 13MP camera with OIS, a removeable battery and an SD card slot and you've ticked just about every box in the spec list that people want you to tick.


When I had a first good look at the screen, I fell into a moment of Doge-speak. Such pixels. So resolution. Very Sharpness. The hype you have been hearing is warranted. It doesn't seem as bright as the screen on the Galaxy S5, but I don't see any of the washed-out colors some have mentioned. When displaying a vibrant image, the screen is nice and, well, vibrant. That's not to say that 1080p screens are now obsolete. Most of the time you won't notice a big difference between the G3's screen and an excellent 1080p display, like the one on the HTC One M8. But I'm a guy who likes to read, and I like to read on my phone. The G3 has the sharpest and clearest text of any portable electronic device I've ever used. Reading on the G3 is like reading on a Kindle Paperwhite. Not because of the contrast, but because of the very sharp and defined edges of each individual letter on the screen.

"Value-added" crapware

Of course, software is where all these different models try to stand out from one another. The AT&T G3 is running Android 4.4.2 KitKat, with the same LG "skin" (they're not really skins, but whatever) as all the other G3 models out there. The Android fan side of me hates it, but the consumer side of me thinks it's fine. It's as good or better than what Samsung has delivered, and you can tell the software has matured. And that's saying a lot — ask anyone who had an Optimus 2X what they think of LG's software. This is miles ahead of even last year's G2, and the software alone makes it a great update. It's my opinion that they still could pare things back just a bit, but I can't fault them for any one thing in and of itself. It's just a little "heavy."

Of course AT&T is no help here, as they have thrown every single piece of Android software they ever developed into the app drawer. OK, so not every one, but it sure feels like it. You have three different apps with location-based services, Broadband TV clients, crappy Wild Tangent games you'll never want to play and more in there. We expect it every time certain carriers sell phones, but it's still shocking to see just how much crap AT&T can stuff into one phone. Add in some of the Google Apps you probably aren't using (Hello, Newsstand!) and apps like Uber or Amazon Kindle and you have over two full pages of apps to sift through the very first time you turn the phone on. Apps that could be put in Google Play for you to download because you want them, not forced to deal with because someone else wants you to have them.

It feels good to vent, but nothing we can say will change it. All we can do is disable what we can, hide the rest, and roll with it. Or root the damn thing just to strip the crap away. You all know how that works by now. Don't let this be you're deciding factor, because for as much as we complain, it's pretty easy to address.

Baby got back buttons

Value-added garbageware aside, I love this phone. it's still a little bigger than I would like it to be, but all that screen and hardly any bezel makes it more palatable. I think most of you would love this phone, too if you gave it a shot. It's my clear winner for 2014 phone of the year (so far) and I think LG hit it out of the park with the G3. I'll be using the hell out of it to test the network(s) (yes, I'm already trying some AT&T MVNO carriers) and things like battery life, and yes I want to screw with it to learn more about the magic GB of RAM. Anything we find that's good, bad or just damn cool, we'll be sure to let you know.


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Hands-on with the AT&T LG G3


so with the newer ui of the lg g3 with the lg g2 when it gets new updates get many of the software features the lg g3 is getting

I agree with the author. I have been using Samsung S5 and then paid the extra costs to switch over to Lg G3 on Tmo. I am so glad as G3 is great with minimum crapware from Tmo. It took a little bit to get use to the buttons on the back but now it does make sense especially when I use it with one hand. Somehow everything seems to work in unison with each others versus the S5 where some apps seem to not quite tuned to the others. Of course this is just my personal preference. Others may have differents and I respect that.

Yup. Hands down best Android phone. I've been comparing to the the S5 that my kids got, and I'm SO glad I waited for the G3. ESPECIALLY for the same price I get 32g internal storage vs 16g for the same price. SD card support really means nothing since lots of apps can't be moved to SD card in kit-kat. And if you install a lot of games, you need the internal storage really. If I would have gotten the S5, I would have completely filled it. Have 16g free on the G3 right now.

Dude you won't be disappointed. My kids got the S5 because they couldn't wait. I waited for the G3. Kids asked if they can just return the S5. LOL Especially my 17yo son who started scheming ways to basically damage the S5 so he can get a G3 on replacement. I was like ... ummm no dude they will only replace it with another S5! You're stuck for 18 months.

It's the G3 LTE-A, not the Prime, first of all. Second, he bought the regular G3 imported from Korea.

Posted via Galaxy Note 3, OnePlus One, or Nexus 7 (2012)

Been using my AT&T LG G3 since July 9th and I've been loving it. Great screen and awesome battery life. I came from the Galaxy S5.

Posted via Android Central App

Man I really like this phone but can't decide if should just get it or wait and see what the Note 4 looks like!!!

People who roll with the industry leader who made this phablet category prominent in the first place don't need to see what it looks like.

We buy Galaxy Note products because they are the GOLD standard of technology today the product everyone wants to compare.

At the end of the day it's pretty plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period.

Get the G3 if you don't know this already.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Guess the truth hurts. One thing you folks will never change is reality because that's why people buy Note products by the Millions.

When LG becomes relevant let me know you'll be waiting for a few more years.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

The only reason Samsung is "relevant" is because of the millions, if not billions of dollars they've spent on advertising and because of all the gimmicky "features" Samsung claims everyone wants, but which most people don't use. THAT'S reality.

Thanks to you when says plain and simple I think of you

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 running Android L or Samsung galaxy S5

BS!! The Note 3 crosses that line of being just slightly too big to hold comfortably as a phone. The G3 feels just right. And this opinion comes from someone with big hands.

5 MM? No you can say whatever you want about Samsung vs LG but the note being harder to hold is not one of them. Why yes I do have both of them right here in front of me.

I have big hands the note 3 felt fine in the hand I'd go as far as saying it felt great

Posted via Android Central App

....I feel the glitch... As a PREVIOUS note 3 owner and CURRENT G3 owner.. Sorry buddy your wrong. Touchwizz never again...

I just retired my N900A Note 3 for the AT&T G3. I've had all 3 Note models and I can assure you I like the G3 better.

Will I probably buy a Note 4? Yes, but the G3 is the best device current device out.

And the screen and camera are measurably better on the G3. Don't care much for the slick plastic back. For all the complaints about Samsung's tacky leather-esque plastic, it's much easier to grip.

Posted via Android Central App

Without the hyperbole, I would wait to see if the Note 4 comes with the YOUM display before making that move. I am currently putting the G3 though its paces for my work and it is an excellent device. I would have a tough time deciding between this and the S5 (I still havent used the G3 enough to decide.) but the Note 4 will certainly get me to pause before making the final decision.

Ok so I am in the situation where I can switch from an S5 to the G3 at no cost. So coming from an S5, you think it is worth it?

If it's no cost why not!! I think it depends on what you're looking for, but if you want a new change I say go for it. They each have their pluses and minuses

Posted via Android Central App

I came from S5 too. Both are great. Ultimately You must decide on what are your preferences. I like G3 for the UI which is less clutter than S5. Less bloated software installed (Tmo). Great camera cause I take a lot of my kids pics. I like the knock knock features and now really like the buttons on the back for one handed operation.

Another reason i switched was the very low vibration of the S5. I missed important calls because I could hear nor feel the vibration. At first I thought it was just a defect on mine but after going to the Tmob Samsung rep, he has the same issue and so are most of my friends who own S5. Again if you don't use this feature then it wouldn't matter.

So don't get me wrong, S5 is a great phone and I am glad we have a choice to match our tastes and preferences.

Yup. I have both. Kids have S5 and I have G3. They are jealous. I play with their S5's and say to myself all the time .... man am I glad I didn't jump the gun and waited for the G3.

Best phone to date from LG :)
I got a folio circle view case with wireless charging too, pretty good, although it makes the phone significantly heavier, I like the extra weight. The phone was feather light that I am afraid that it would fly out of my hands unnoticed.

Some early improvements that I wish the circle view does:
1. Show battery life and % (if enabled) while notification popped out.
2. When music is playing, the circle view should show music widget.
3. Work with Google hangouts...

Nice. I assumed your circle view case replaced the original back cover. Is there any inference when you take the picture with the front flap folded back? When i had the S5, I have that issue when I used the Sview case of S5. It seems to block a little on top of the picture.

It is not widely available in the US. I was thinking about getting one but the price is pretty high and must buy the Qi charger which also costly. i think right now the app available is also limited but hope soon it will give us the full access. I would love to add one more protection to the screen although I have screen protector.

I wish one day soon where we will not need to add protection anywhere so we can enjoy the real form for which it is. Of course if I won the lotto then I can skip the protection ....hihihi

The folio circle case cover "flap" should have been magnetized so that when it's folded back it doesn't slide around in your hand, my only issue with the case I may have to return it

The att branding ruins it for me! So I will sadly have t pass. When we can get some unlocked models I might look back LG's way. Sorry LG!

Branding?!? Really!! I mean I'd give you a pass if you didn't like the software or even the hardware but the branding?!? How does the branding affect the devices function? Sorry man but I honestly think you're missing out for no reason.

If you are on AT&T I feel for you. Verizon tagged the crap out of it! LOL. I'm with AT&T and all we got is a tiny circle logo on the back. That's it.

T-MO version > AT&T version
Qi Wireless charging, less bloat and unlocked bootloader.
AT-T version needs PMA charging
I got the T-Mo version and i LOVE it.
Upgraded from a Sprint G2.

the tmo version SUPPORTS Qi charging (with corresponding separate back) where the ATT model (which is the ONLY MODEL) supports powermatt. both are at a hardware level so it's going to be tricky (if at all possible) to hack them to work differently.

it's pretty much my only gripe about the att model (which i have and otherwise really really like) because the bloat can be removed with root, and the bootloader unlock will come in time.

That is not entirely true. The At&t version, which I have, has all 4 pinned contacts (2 for NFC, 2 for wireless charging) on the device itself. The battery cover only has the 2 contacts for NFC, missing the remaining 2 needed for QI wireless charging.

All I had to do to enable Qi wireless charging was to order the battery cover for the European D855 G3.
Been using my G3 with my Nokia Fatboy wireless charging pillows.

You're lying or you actually have a PMA wireless charger.
The AT&T variant only supports PWA wireless charging.
It cannot work with Qi.

I had been using the HTC One M7 for over a year and happy to make the jump to the LG G3. The camera on the M7 became more unbearable after a while and I had to carry around the mirrorless compact camera with me everywhere I go. LG's camera is good. I have been using the LG for a week and the bezels are so tiny that it is hard to look at any other phone without noticing bezels. I have been pretty happy with it. Occasional hiccups since I switched over to ART but overall happy with the purchase.

I too came from a M7 to a G3. The only thing I miss about the One is the nicer screen and smoother interface. The G3's screen is lovely, but the original One's was the best ever (IMO). Outside of that, I'm choosing the LG in every way over my HTC.

While the body of the phone is extremely thin on the sides, the screen still has a fairly large black border. Its not much different than any other high quality phone. That's the only thing I'm disappointed about.

Posted via Android Central App

Is it supposed to be nonexistent? I'm not sure what other high end phones your referring to other than the g2 that has these thin of bezels.

Posted via My Ever-Bloated S4

the g3 has a 5.5" screen crammed into a casing that is barely larger than the s5, which only has a 5.1" screen. i'm not sure how much smaller you want the bezels to be. there isn't a phone that exists right now with smaller bezels.

You obviously don't have one. I have the G3 sitting next to the S5 because my kids got one. They are almost the same size with a .5" bigger screen. How is that possible? Ooooh I know! Because the bezel is a lot smaller on the G3!! Really ... the S5 bezel looks huge when you see both every day.

I am currently on the G3 with Sprint which is very nice. I have been disappointed with the service a couple times over the past week. I am planning on returning it and going to T-Mobile.
Any differences besides the different wireless charging standard that I should be aware of? Radio bands specifically.

I had an HTC Evo 4get before this, huge upgrade.
From my naked gold G3, bling bling!

Just switched to att and the G3 from Sprint with the EVO 4G LTE and I agree this is one hellova upgrade. I wouldn't go back to Sprint if they offered their service for free.


Dang, gotta say I'm in the same boat. Upgraded from EVO 4G LTE to G3 on launch day, and also switched from Sprint to AT&T. Straight cash payment for phone and quick circle case. No more contracts. I noticed the data service improvement immediately, and haven't looked back since. This phone is a major upgrade over the EVO LTE.

Yup! It is one of those things where you tell yourself ... Sprint is fast enough. Then you actually switch to AT&T and realize what you have been missing.

The Sprint and Tmo phones have the same wireless charging standard (att is the odd ball). The radios between tmo and Sprint are night and day. they are totally different.

Most of the other stuff will be the same as far as the phone itself goes.

See you after the merger!

Like I explained to another poster above, you can get QI wireless charging on the At&t G3.

The At&t version, which I have, has all 4 pinned contacts (2 for NFC, 2 for wireless charging) on the device itself. The battery cover only has the 2 contacts for NFC, missing the remaining 2 needed for QI wireless charging.

All I had to do to enable Qi wireless charging was to order the battery cover for the European D855 G3. I have been using my Nokia Fatboy wireless charging pillows with my At&t G3.

I didn't know that, and it is good to know. Thank you.

Thing is though, 90% of consumers won't know either, they will just think it is incompatible with Qi and that is kinda a big issue. Perception is everything

May want to check that comment more, ATT is using the PMA standard and not the Qi standard, check your 4 pin placement compared to the the Qi ones.

Isn't there a difference between Google and AT&T bloat? You can uninstall Google stuff but not the AT&T stuff.

PS: the stuff Google puts is way more polished than crappy carriers but yeah you can uninstall if you don't like.

Posted via Android Central App

you can disable virtually all the bloatware, same as google apps that are not core to making the phone function. it has been a feature of android since JB i think

I'd suggest you guys get your hands on the T-Mobile version. It's relatively bloat-free, and what bloat there is can actually be disabled..some of it can even be uninstalled!

I've had the AT&T G3 since the 10th and I absolutely love it! The AT&T Bloatware really doesn't bother me. I just disabled most of the apps. I had the Nexus 5 and I liked it, but it was lacking on a few things such as the camera and sound quality. I am very happy with my G3!

This is not meant to be snarky at all, but rather a legit question. What is it about the G3 that has reviewers and enthusiast so... mesmerized. Is it the form factor? Is it just the high res screen? Is it that it's LG and not Samsung?

B/c between personal experience and reading multiple reviews, there seems to be a lot of... "it lags/stutters at times; it's the biggest non-phablet that's hard to one-hand but is ergonomic; screen is nice but not the best, high res but not great colors and causes excessive heat; other positives... but OH MY GOSH this is the best Android phone and is incredible and we love it."

It must be the aura it puts off? ;)

because all flagship phones are compromises now, there will ALWAYS be pros and cons to each device. however, when it comes down to it, for most people, this phone has the fewest real use cons than other devices.

in the end it comes down to which device suits your needs best, the g3 (right now) happens to be the best all around device, in spite of its few "flaws"

the lags are 100% due to LG's new skin, which is going to need some tweaks to get smoother, but 99% of "lag" can be eliminated by changing launchers. on nova, this phone flies.

No it is not just the skin, so lets now bow to the Nexus alter. It is the GPU/CPU combo. It causes some of the stutter when redrawing.

Sorry I was not clearer. It is the CPU/GPU combo pushing a higher resolution screen. That is where the issue comes in. My bad.

So it's the screen...
I haven't noticed any lag personally so meh.
After using this res screen I don't think I can go back 1080.
Played with a M8 after i got my G3 and I was underwhelmed.
Played with before and didn't think it was bad.

Yeah that IS true. Going back and forth between the G3 and S5, the S5's screen looks brighter obviously, and richer, but the "crispness" of the G3 gives a brief "wow" moment every time I go back to it. Though it still has quirks with font rendering that make some fonts look shadowy or fuzzy around the edges...

  1. The screen.
  2. The screen size to body size ratio.

It stutters no more or no less than the S5. The M8 is the clear winner here, but the M8 just feels awkward to hold (to me).

Load some of the multi-color wallpapers from the S5 onto it, and the screen shows the colors just fine.

I can't make this one overheat, and I've tried (I did learn how to kill the battery in 2 hours while I was doing it — ART plus a script that runs GPU benchmarks in a non-stop loop by sending an intent over adb)

That's it for me.

It is all of the above together as a package that makes it great ... except the LG thing. Feels great in the hand despite its size. Screen is amazing. I can grip it any way I want without fearing to press a button because the sides have none. Very fast. yes it stutters from time to time, but my son's Galaxy S5 does too. Probably not as much because it doesn't have to power the same monster screen. Colors are only an issue if you are looking for a problem. I would say all of those negatives are only negatives if you are actually LOOKING for issues. In general day to day use, none of them are nearly bad enough to notice.

Like someone else said, you have to get one yourself to really appreciate it. If you are going to the store to nitpick, you are just going to exaggerate faults which would normally not bother you. That is the problem with some of these reviews. I have never met anyone who is actually using the G3 as their personal phone and had complaints. People on here will tell you the opposite. For me, the best Android phone I have ever purchased. And I have had a lot of them. My kids have the S5, of which I play with all the time. They are jealous they didn't wait for the G3.

Thanks for the thorough response! I actually do have one and do know what you mean - there's just something about the overall experience that is very very nice. I have the S5 as well, so I'm comparing them quite a bit.

It isn't any one of them by itself, it's the whole package and it all works together silky smooth.

...Joe K.

I did, and it was definitely nice, and there is something that's just appealing about it that I can't really put into words. Maybe it is simply the high res screen, even with its quirks. I don't know. I was just trying to get some help putting a finger on what it is that makes it so appealing and makes the community go "goo goo" over it.

No it is not that it isn't Samsung, it is that it is a great all around phone. Battery life is acceptable, the screen is nice, the camera is good, feels good in the hand. Yeah it has the occasional lag/stutter (this should be a bigger deal in the community compared to what the S4 took) but it is not so bad that it ruins the experience.

It is just a really great all around device. There is very little to complain about. I still cannot get used to the back buttons (even after using the G2 and now the G3) but that is just preference.

I get that, but so is the S5. I guess the only "shortcoming" is the S5 isn't as sexy? But IMHO (maybe that's the key) it feels different, but still good in the hand b/c it's thinner/smaller and "grippier" - plus the whole dust/water resistance thing.

Yeah some of the people who tour this phone are Samsung haters. Who will promote anything else. I get sick of the back of the s5 once and awhile (the look) but that is about it. The Samsung software could be paired down a bit as well. I am not talking the features but the duplicate apps between Sammy and Google. Coming from a programmer point of view, Samsung does a poor job in some areas as well that causes it to be bigger (gb wise) then it needs to be. I can relate to how it happens but I would have thought that by now it would have been worked out

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah very true. And I'm definitely not anti-G3. There is definitely something about the overall experience that is just really nice.

Well when it comes down to the GS5 or the G3 there is no right or wrong answers. It this respect we are in a good place. It comes down to preference and that is one of the reasons I am waiting for the Note 4. I love the S-Pen and cannot live without it. If the Note 4 doesnt come with a YOUM display I will be more than happy with my Note 3 (and if I do get bored, I can take one of the work loaners anytime). I have to wonder what the X+1 will bring about as well but they would really have to wow me for me to consider it.

And sensitive side buttons that you press all the time unless you are careful about where you grab it. My kids have the S5, and specifically the Active variant. I always accidentally hit the power button. Maybe I'm just used to the G3. With that phone, I don't have to worry about how I grab it. From the top, in the middle, from the bottom. There are no side buttons so I can just hold the damn thing without making sure my fingers are in the right place. makes it a VERY comfortable experience.

As a complete package, if you actually use it, it is an awesome phone. The other issues are really only issues if you are putting it under a microscope and nitpicking the hell out of it. The S5 stutters too. I do admit the screen on the S5 is brighter.

I would argue that the S5 doesn't stutter at all. It lags occasionally (i.e. something doesn't respond immediately), but it's smooth as butter in its animations.

But like you said, that's definitely nitpicking. The G3 is very smooth a lot of times as well.

I paid my $35 to ATT to try it out for 2 weeks and gave it back. It is a nice device without a doubt but I keep getting the feeling the 805's are coming later this year since the S5 and G3 805's QHD models have hit the ROK. Since I paid full price, I can wait to see the iPhone, android shoot out later this year and if the Primes are really going to hit the US market. Nexus 5 is not quite as nice as the G3 but it will hold me for a few months.

Agree with Jerry on the bloatware...it actually upset my stomach to see all. Come on att give us a break on this crap. Or LG grow a pair and have them limit it. Enough already!

As bad as the bloatware is, I wish Jerry at least pointed out how AT&T nerfed the FM radio on this phone. Now that would be a real helpful review!

Posted via Android Central App using the all new HTC One (m8)

AT&T did not nerf the FM radio on the m8, yet Verizon did. As for the G3, AT&T did nerf the radio, but Verizon and the rest didn't.

While many don't use such a feature, it would be nice to know for someone like me who will use such a feature on their phones BEFORE I BUY IT.

Posted via Android Central App using the all new HTC One (m8)

If you have an app with a persistent notification (like a weather app) does it cause that blasted AT&T logo to go away?

Returned mine and got a cheap new G2. The shadowy text of the G3 was horrid. The camera wasn't that great either. My new G2 is a winner. LG shouldn't have entered the pissing contest with the screen. It's sharpening is a deal breaker.

Long live the G2 - the best phone they've ever made. Get one on the cheap!

Yeah the screen definitely has some quirks. Sometimes it looks incredible, and other times that shadowy text or software sharpening or whatever it is is glaring to my eyes, plus weird coloring at times. I'm still judging the camera, but overall I don't think it beats the S5. Indoors it's better than the S5, but not as much as the S5 is better outdoors.

The G2 was and still is an awesome device!

Just returned mine - loved the phone, but att took Qi charging out and went with PMA. I have Qi chargers all over my house and at the office for me and the wife.
Will either buy a TMO version or wait for the Nexus 6

Disappointed In no qi. Since the S5 had it. But I'm willing to go PMA. This phone is amazing.

Posted via Android Central App

Dude traded me straight up. Gave me his brand new LG G3 in exchange for my note 3. I didn't even think twice. This phone is amazing!

Posted from my LG G3 or Nexus 5

OK so I just read this review and I'm stunned! I'm on a Droid RAZR M. I so badly want either a M8 or G3! I can't decide! The G3 seems like a great phone and my wife just got the M8 so I've been playing with her phone and I like it a lot. Of course I would, coming from my RAZR M anything newer would be better, lol! Thanks for the review.

Posted via Android Central App

I have the g3 on tmo I was really hesitant about getting it after reading all the so called troubles it was having. ..glad I pulled the trigger. Its a awesome phone I'm still looking out for the note 4 but not as much now lol

Posted via Android Central App

I see you're using Cricket on it, just curious.. how is their service around you now that they are using ATT's network?

Really nice device from LG that I'm really tempted to use my upgrade on. Still not a fan of those buttons on the back or their UI. It's pretty big so if I'm going that route for my next device I guess I can wait to see what the Note 4 offers. Who do you think will upgrade to Android L first LG or Samsung?

I'm sorry, but I just bought a brand-new, still-sealed-in-the-box AT&T Galaxy Note 3 on eBay for $525 (there were slightly cheaper new units, but it was important to me to get a sealed box). I was all set (and wanting) to buy a G3, until I heard about a problem it seems a ton of G3 owners are having connecting the phone to an external audio source (primarily a car stereo) via an auxiliary cable - the audio still (and only!) comes out of the phone speaker.

Google it & you'll see MANY complaints about this issue. I can't believe LG would release this phone with such a huge issue.

I realize for some of you this may not be an issue at all, but for me it's huge. I drive a tractor-trailer for a living and I spend MANY hours a day in my tractor. I have a 64GB MicroSD card in my Optimus G Pro and over 3,000 songs crammed into it. The ability to plug my phone into my vehicle's stereo system and listen to my music that way is huge to me. I wanted to get a new phone, but the auxiliary cable problem with the G3 is a deal-breaker for me.

Oh, by the way, if you look at any comparison between the Note 3 and the G3 that publishes benchmarks, the Note 3 beats the G3 in a majority of the benchmarks!

I'm just sayin'...

Posted via Android Central App

that's incredible if a brand new July 2014 flagship device includes such a very serious design flaw such as a non working audio output jack (headphone or auxiliary audio to various stereo products <line level>) - i've not yet seen thru all of the reviews yet any reports of the audio output function failing.