Droid X with Android 2.2 Froyo

You know we couldn't help ourselves. When a leaked build of Android 2.2 for the Motorola Droid X was outed by My Droid World, we had to take it for a spin. You're not going to find too many UI changes over what you're used to on the X. (The lock screen's been changed, for what that's worth.) But there are a number of under-the-hood improvements (many of which we've covered in our Froyo Features series), and Adobe Flash 10.1 is on the ROM, which a lot of you have a hankering for. Let's take a look, after the break.

(Anybody else install this build? On the fence? We've got a forum thread full of what we're finding.)

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Hands-on with Android 2.2 on the Droid X


God, I just don't know if I should download or wait. What are the pro's and Con's of it all. If I want to one day have a custom ROM should I just leave this alone?

I would just wait...watching the people go crazy when they updated their EVO was a mess. When all actuality, not much difference at all, but it was in their head that something was different. Plus it's always better to wait for official release if you can't wait for a stock rooted rom.

no more automatic speaker on when removing from car dock or inserting while on a call. ALso, it seems battery life is way better.

For the Phone ringer - yes - in my opinion they fixed it. It's now much louder.

For the Timer ringer - no - it still sucks and the max setting is still only 7.

edit - sorry looks like I replied to the wrong post. Should be for the one below.

My Big question is....Did they fix the volume issue? This thing is so difficult to hear ring or alert when its in ur pocket....

Me thinks Motorola gets preferential treatment in regards to support for Android devices from Verizon. Incredibly disappointed I haven't heard anything official about 2.2 (See what I just did there?).

And then once Gingerbread starts rolling, you'll be tired of hearing about that and want more Honeycomb info, right?

It never ends...

I've been seeing 1350-1450 on average in Quadrant. Linpack only ~13/14 MFLOPS. Seems busted still like Phil said.

Edit: I realized that the lower end of the spectrum only really happens with wi-fi on. I'm getting 1450+ almost every time with wi-fi turned off.


Did they add an onscreen picture button to the camera? or do you still only have the option of using the hard red button on the Droid X?

Phil. If you say PhilBlur one more time i think im gonna have to jump off of a tall building in Downtown Charleston, SC not many of them but you get the point.. lol.. Great videos

Anyone else having this problem. It seems you can not change your battery mode any longer it is stuck on nighttime saver mode and you can not click on anything else.

Update: ya it is letting me do it now. not sure why it was not
letting me before.

linpack = 14.103
quadrant = 1476

Flash is built in. You can visit flash sites in the stock browser, not 3rd party. You can however, download Adobe Showcase from the Market, which is basically a bunch of organized shortcuts to flash-enabled sites.

Actually Flash does work on Dolphin HD. I haven't tried xscope as of yet but I'm sure it will work there too.

Check rootzwiki.com for how to flash the .604 SBF file. It'll take you back to factory defaults and you can start again there from the ground up. PM me if you need any help. I've never had to do it yet, but i did snag some of the files that may / may not be up there anymore.