Groove is a new fitness-tracking smartwatch, curently seeking $200,000 of funding via Indigogo, that focuses on helping you find the balance necessary to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Groove, which will also have a companion Android app, can calibrate to your personal fitness level, and track how your daily activity contributes towards your overall fitness.

Groove watches your activity in real-time. A display on the Groove's screen moves a small picture of you either left or right to indicate how relaxed or active you are, with the goal that you'll move your picture to the middle, indicating balance. Keeping that balance is supposed to lead to a healthier life. As part of the monitoring, Groove can apparently keep track of a number of vital signs: heart rate, sweat, stress, and oxygen levels.

In addition to tracking your fitness, Groove also keeps track of your notifications. When you receive a text or email, Groove's band will light up with a color based on what kind of notification you received. Groove also supports voice commands, letting you activate Google Now right from the watch. You can use the companion app to track all of the stats that Groove collects, as well as issue challenges to your friends.

The Groove smartwatch connects to your device via Bluetooth, including Bluetooth 4.0. The 200 mAh battery, which powers the 1.2-inch TFT screen, is expected to last 5 days on a single charge.

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Source: Groove on Indiegogo


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Groove smartwatch-fitness tracker with Android app seeks Indiegogo funding


Not bad on a single charge but need to see proof of concept

"The world would be so boring without idiots like you to amuse me."

Wow this seems like a huge money pit. There are already smart watches and gear that can do these things albeit not in such a fancy way. 200,000 for this?! Lol good luck. Sorry I just smell rip off and scam all over this.

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If they did a flexible funding campaign I would say scam but they are doing an all or nothing so doubt it, if they wanted they would have done a flexible they could easily rip off people for easy 50k like the Ritot making people look Ritoted but they are not in my book they are being realistic, it takes a lot of money/orders before you can even think about approaching a manufacturer, they are on the right track , loosen up folks

After past experience I know longer back projects without a working prototype. These folks don't seem to have one yet which means they've already run out of money from initial investors and are asking for more. Red flag in my book...

I like the concept from the design to their ideas they are very unique. Have you seen the video? Dont be a debbie downer they are trying to spark innovation and are creating ideas that no one has even thought of yet, creating an event to support a charity from a smart watch! That is amazing , maybe I am just a positive guy but I see something in this project, definitely going to back it!

I was the first major skeptic for that Ritot watch on indiegogo; but looking at these guys, it's truly a breath of fresh air.

They have a pretty big team designing this and they have made physical prototypes (but yet to see one actually working). But if you look at their exploded view for the the CAD; as a designer myself it's pretty hard to go to all that trouble without having a clue what you're doing or where you're going. (the clue is in all the little holes and lips in the design. They show design intent; especially if they are in odd places rather than a row of holes all lined up perfectly)

They say that they have done most of the engineering and design and just need final tweaks before production. I actually believe them. Their video was missing a lot of the real gushy marketing pizazz; and more importantly, they haven't been able to market their indiegogo campaign at all. This says to me they are a team full of designers and engineers.

I'd rather back the people who actually know what they're doing than people who are good at telling you that they know what their doing and will promise anything to get the sale.

Just my $1.50

All in all Indiegogo and Kickstarter are places where regular people have the chance to share their ideas with the world and why waste all that money on something people dont want, you can take an idea share it and if their is a want for the product build it, yes not all products come to life and hey you might lose some hopefully they tried, but most products that i have backed do come to fruition and its a good feeling inside knowing that you got a great product for cheap and helped someone achieve their dreams! That you or me are probably not as gutsy to attempt. Dream big just my 2 cents before going to bed hopefully they see this and are inspired to keep pushing and not get discouraged!