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Rubicon Development, creators of the popular Great Little War Game, has today announced a proper sequel to the popular strategy game. Titled Great Big War Game, it will arrive on Android on July 18 for $2.99, accompanied by a free, 'lite' version. 

The single-player campaign mode brings 50 all new levels, as you take charge of Jenkins as he tries to prevail in battle amid orders from the Generalissimo. Perhaps more exciting though, especially for a game of this nature, is the all-new, cross-platform multiplayer option. Take the fight to your 'enemies' on iOS, and prevail for the sake of the Android army. Or, something. 

Check out the trailer for Great Big War Game after the break

Source: Triplepoint


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CeluGeek says:

"Great Big War Game"... Someone made a game about the smartphone patent litigations???

mothy says:

LOL no that would be called "Apple's a whiny little b!tch"

XavierMatt says:

Now that's a game I would play.

storm14k says:

Hmmm...*firing up Eclipse*

21plays says:

sweet, loved the first one