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Expansys offering decent savings on Samsung's first Android powered camera

We're approaching a full year since we first laid our hands on the Samsung Galaxy Camera, but as time has passed by the price has still sadly remained rather high. Here in the UK many retailers have dropped £50 from the initial retail price, but it's with online tech retailer Expansys we find the best deal we've seen to date. 

Head on over there, and you can pick one up for £274.99, which is still in the premium point-and-shoot price bracket, but with essentially a Galaxy S3 strapped to the back (even if you can't make phone calls on it.) It isn't without its flaws, but if the high asking price was all that stopped you picking one up, now might be as good a time as any. 

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Grab a Samsung Galaxy Camera in the UK for £274.99


I still think that GC is still overprices for the camera that it is I payed less for Sony NEX-F3 ( including a 18-55 lens )

It all gets to the point - do you want to run Android on everything or thinks that make sens
( there is no need to pay premium for GS until it will be better than counterparts - Galaxy NX looks much better and might just be that thing )

For the "right user" this might be vaguely interesting. But most average camera users want a device that will remain "a good personal choice" for about 4 years. This is effectively obsolete NOW Sam. I suggest the "right user" category for this lump is vanishingly small.

I like Samsung kit, I use it every day. I just wish their design and development approach resulted in photographic kit I would still be happy with in 3 years time. Hence my Nikon and Canon cameras over the last 30 years.

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i just bought a Samsung Smart Camera for my daughter's birthday. It was so cool, I got myself one (WB800F and WB250F). These things are MUCH cheaper than the Galaxy Cameras and offer tons of functionality.

The Galaxy Cameras feel like phone/camera hybrids while the Smart Cameras are phone companions. Take the picture with the camera, it automatically transfers to the handset for editing and uploading.