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Google Shopper received a few new features in an update today, including an improved search result page and location data collection. Search results will now come back with the most popular products first that can be narrowed down and browsed through from there. When browsing products, users can also now use a "slideshow view" to see larger images as they go through. The update has also improved the app's location detection, which can help users search for products in their local area without having to manually enter a location.

While we're speaking of Google app updates, Google Play Music has also received an update today. It's just bugfixes, but an update to grab nonetheless. You can get your updated Play Music right there, and the Google Shopper update can of course be updated from the Play Store link at the top of this post.


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Google Shopper improves search results, location detection

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Too bad "Don't be evil" doesn't extend to discriminating against gun owners. Once Google removed all firearm related results from Shopping, I found my way to Bing. Faster returns and results that aren't ranked according to who paid most for them.