Kit Kat

Developers will have access to new features and APIs with today's SDK update

As part of today's announcements, Google has made available the Android 4.4 Kit Kat SDK component. Designed primarily for application developers, the SDK allows programs to be written using the newest APIs and features when targeting the devices that will run Kit Kat. Support for all of the features, like Project Svelte to help lower-spec devices, the new immersive screen mode, and host card emulation for NFC payments will be available for the great developers Android is blessed with, and we're plenty excited to see what they can do with it all.

If you're interested in checking things out for yourself, you can update your existing SDK through the normal channels and install it from scratch using the directions detailed here. Well be digging in and playing with any bundled emulator as soon as things settle down and it's available for download. Stay tuned!

More: Platform Highlights | API overview

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kembry says:

First! Okay, now I need to get some cash together for the N5. What are the big changes in KitKat? Also, Jerry, N5 or Moto X?

globster2000 says:

Motorola posted this on fb today, and I am not sure if it means chock bars for the x soon.

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Moto X.

  • Active notifications
  • Touchless Control while screen is off
  • Secure BT devices

Those are must-haves for me.

Ryandroid86 says:

Yes!!!!! Now this is exciting news. Shouldn't be long till I get my update. GS4 Rooted.

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trenchkato says:

No love for the ARM chromebook...

NoNexus says:


Have you dug into the sdk at all? Anything major change from 4.3? Inquiring geeks wanna know

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A little. Smaller heap trees, and serial launching of background services are pretty big changes. Should (in theory) make a huge difference when switching to an app that's not running in the foreground (less blank screen time). And audio tunneling is going to save a lot of battery if you're doing something like listening to music with the screen off.

I'm working my way through the documents :)



NoNexus says:

Cool thanks. This weekend I will have to look around. Though I don't have an app on the horizon, I see one in the distance.

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tdizzel says:

Jerry, any word on if Host Card Emulation will allow NFC payments with Google Wallet on Verizon? That's what I'm most interested in.

Haven't got there yet, but from what I understand now, only the Nexus 5 is set up this way for now. Support may come to other phones "soon"




tdizzel says:

Thanks Jerry. Hopefully Google Wallet will take off once they get around the carrier blocking nonsense. Looking forward to using it.

AnCenLov says:

good things :)

Apps and games are lesser while compared to istore. Concentrate on app developing also, devices and sales grow fast.but need more and more APPS......

I'm using sg-note2...........

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3snakes says:

I'm new to Android. Can anyone guess if and when 4.4 might be available for phones like the LG G2 on Verizon, if ever? And does anyone know if the Nexus 5 has a removable battery, or will be available on Verizon?