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If you use Google Reader and an Android tablet, chances are you'll want to pick up the latest update for Google's RSS app, which contains some tablet-specific usability fixes. And that's it -- we haven't noticed any other changes in this version, and even on Honeycomb tablets the app seems pretty much the same.

In any case it's good to stay up to date, and the new version 1.1.5 of Google Reader is available to download now from Google Play. Existing users can fire up the Store app and head to "My Apps" to grab the update, or if you're new, we've included a download link below.

Download: Google Play Store


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Google Reader updated with tablet usability fixes


As I am almost certainly going to enter the tablet space via the Nexus Tablet, (assuming it ends up like it's widely rumored to be, or better :-) does anyone have any great suggestions for tablet optimized rss readers? That picture looks pretty weak for a tablet app.

In that same vein, are there any good websites out there that list tablet optimized apps since I don't think Google properly calls them out on the Play store (or does it now?)

I would recommend gReader Pro. Syncs with Google Reader, has many more features, and is constantly receiving updates from the dev. I use it on my GNex but the app is also optimized for tablets as well. Here's the link to the official website showing off its tablet UI.

I believe the "actions" bar that used to be on top when reading an article is now on the bottom. That's the only change I've noticed on my G-Nex.

It seems to me that when looking at an "article" from a feed in landscape mode, it is on top. In portrait, it is at the bottom.

So Google keeps improving its apps for better usability in tablets... Anyone still doubts a Nexus tablet is coming next week?

The only fix I've noticed is that now when in landscape view the first unread item gets marked read automatically where as before it would stay unread when you advanced, and only subsequent items got marked read. This was a good annoying bug to finally get fixed. I would never use it in landscape before because it was that annoying to always have to go back tot he first item just to mark it read.

If this is fixed I will be very happy, it was annoying and was something that was not broken originally.

Apparently they STILL have not bothered to fix the bug that causes the list to jump around when it automatically updates. People have been screaming about that in the reviews for the better part of a year. Baffling.

The only "usability fix" Google Reader needs is to get rid of that horrible swipe navigation, and gReader Pro is the only fix I've found.