Google today announced its Q4 2011 earnings. Money-wise, Google say $2.71 billion in profit on $8.13 billion in revenue. 

For our purposes, the news is that El Goog announced that some 250 million devices -- that's a quarter-billion devices, or 250,000,000 if you're into numbers -- have been activated, up 50 million from Q3 2011. Or, 555,000 or so activated every day. (Remember that Android is now up to 700,000 activations.) Of those 50 million devices activated for the final three months of the year, 3.7 million came over the holidays, a number Google had already announced.

Google also announced that the Android Market has seen 11 billion downloads. That's 1 billion more than when Google had its 10 billion-download celebration a month ago.

Google's in the middle of its earnings call. We'll update with any new developments.

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Google: Quarter-billion Android devices worldwide, 11 billion downloads


In other news....Google is down from 639 to 582 a share for failing to meet wall street expectations.

Google Inc’s net revenue jumped more than 27 percent in the fourth quarter but fell short of Wall Street targets, sending shares down sharply in after hours trading on Thursday,” Alexei Oreskovic reports for Reuters. “Shares of Google were down 10 percent at $575 in after-hours trading.”
“Google’s net revenue, which excludes fees shared with partner websites, was $8.13 billion in the fourth quarter, versus $6.37 billion in the year-ago period,” Oreskovic reports. “Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S were looking for net revenue of $8.4 billion.”

....says the resident Apple troll.

Hey, did you hear all the nice things that Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, said he prefers in Android over iOS? How about all the problems Apple continues to have in their Foxconn, I mean factory?

You mean the Foxconn sweatshop that all the Xbox employees were threatening suicide over? I'm sure Foxconn makes alot of the Android phones as well! As for Woz...he still uses and prefers his iPhone.

How is your statement still true? You said it is currently 639.57. Currently it is not, its 582.70 at 6:56pm Eastern. So your statement is wrong then.

After hours doesn't count. That's why it's called "after hours". Apple is down today in after hours trading as well. In fact, it was down in normal trading as well.

Come back tomorrow, troll, when the full market reacts to the earnings release. Then you can post your off-topic Google bashing again and you might even be right for once.

Doesn't "Count"? This isn't a basketball game son, its business.

After hours most certainly DOES count. A trade is a trade. Its final.

You clearly know nothing about the market. This was not a great quarter for Google, and the after hours market has already priced that in. It goes DOWN further tomorrow. It might be a BUY if it goes down too far, but the market has spoken.

While yes it does "count", its probably a small ripple and meaningless in the long term. Remember, Apple stock also fell after failing to meet Wall Streets earnings expectations in Q3 and after releasing the 4S (i don't recall the percentage), but then came back up shortly after. Why? Because the company is profitable, just like Google, and is worth investing in.

I plenty about the market. I've also seen stocks get hit in "after hours" trading only to rally the next day.

The people trading "after hours" are more sensitive to releases than the market at a whole. Those that are bearish on a stock have more a motivation to get out ASAP if a release upsets them.

In any event, it's immaterial what their stock did. You all followed the troll down the rabbit hole. He won.

Capitalism at its finest. You have one of your best quarters ever, and it's horrible news because the investors expected more.

Hopefully Google keeps the innovation going instead of refocusing on fixing "disappointing" stock prices.

Investors expected more because they do the research and know that far more was easily within reach, but it wasn't achieved due to any number of reasons.

Most of this "miss" was based on revenue flow from ads. Almost none of it had to do with android. Ad revenue is what drives Google. If that starts falling, Google starts falling. Google knows this and that is why they have been dead-ending many programs lately.

Look, there are some amazingly bright guys with stupendous computer power researching each of these stocks. They pull numbers from upstream (other companies advertising budgets, revenue from hosting google ads, suppliers, etc.) What the market expects is not some idle number drawn from a hat.

Meanwhile Google is still down over 8%, and it will take another quarter to dig out of this.

Check the chart here:

Let this be a lesson to any of you who like to poo-poo after hours numbers.

I only poo-poo Apple trolls who post off-topic rants and are rooting for Google to fail. Meanwhile, the troll was successful at derailing the topic. Not one addressed the growth of Android which was the main thrust of the article.