Google Play Newsstand

... but you probably don't want to use it.

Reader Andrew sends in a little tip regarding the Google Play Newsstand app, and how it has the same sort of hidden developer settings as Android itself these days. Go into the settings menu, scroll down to the build number, and tap your little head off until you're granted developer options.

You'll then be able to disable caching. But as the toast notification clearly spells out, it's not really an option you'll want or need to use. Explains the app:

Disable caching is for testing design changes and makes the app operate very slowly. This operation will be automatically turned off in 4 hours.

Your battery and data cap will thank you.

Thanks, Andrew!


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Google Play Newsstand has a hidden developer option to disable caching


Just enabled this. Thanks.

Look what y'all are making me do!
I'm going into every app and seeing if there are any Dev options!

Posted via Android Central App on my Nexus 5 (4.4.2)

Anyone else went through all the other Google apps looking for more options like these?

Edit :Google photos has developers options that seems to do nothing

Edit again :That's it apart from settings in gallery showing nothing when settings is clicked

Yea. I think I'm going crazy!
Must repeatedly tap the build!

Posted via Android Central App on my Nexus 5 (4.4.2)

I don't get this stuff.

Sure when I develop something I have all kinds of extra code in there that helps with debugging and developing but it all either comes out or is disabled before it goes into a production environment. All this stuff being "forgotten" is BS

It's clearly not forgotten but intended for more adventurous users, otherwise it wouldn't have a disclaimer informing of side effects or have a time limit on the function. Think of it as a Chrome Flag equivalent for this app.

i deleted all of the preset "My News" sources in an attempt to limit background sync battery/resource hogging.

I didn't realize any actual lag effect due in part to a 4G Connection just thought I'd point that out as in Google might have some cool options for later builds, I mean seriously why would you need it the app has a light cache footprint anyway. Plus i didn't notice the message at first hence not android 4.4.x my phone runs 4.1.1 so text isn't as big and beautiful in a nice curved box.

Posted via Android Central App

Nice little app, but I am frustrated as it doesn't seem to be able to automatically refresh the feeds. I am using it mainly on a WIFI Nexus 7 and if I dont remember to manually update the feeds at home, I end up with quite stale news when commuting.

There should be an option to get it to refresh every X hours... or have I just not found it?