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Delete tracks, remove from 'My Library' and share directly from 'Now Playing' in new version

Don't go anywhere yet -- we haven't seen the last of today's Google app updates. Google Play Music 5.0 for Android, which first debuted following the Google I/O keynote along with the All Access subscription service, has been updated again today with a handful of essential features missing from the original release. The new version 5.0.1041J has been updated with the ability to delete tracks directly from within the app, and remove items added via All Access from your library.

What's more, a UI tweak now allows you to share tracks and add them to playlists from the 'Now Playing' screen. The update is rolling out now through the Google Play Store, so head over to 'My Apps' in the store to grab your update. Alternatively, we've got a Play Store link for you up above.

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LL HUGH J says:

First. Life is bliss

anthonok says:

Funny cause I some how ended up with random songs saved that I don't remember downloading and was just like crap I can't delete single songs.

sprint4lyfe says:

Finally I can delete songs.

John-Smith says:

Great, now I can finally delete old voice recordings and ringtones that somehow got into the music app... SMH, about damn time.

How do you delete the recordings !!!!!?????

TJH132 says:

Can't wait for some second-screen love a la the YouTube app for GoogleTV.

APeX3181 says:

Yeah, this is all well and good. But how long will it take them to allow uploading of tracks via the app and/or Chrome OS? It's pretty sad that I'm still reliant on my Windows PC to do this.

Yes to this. It's one of the last things I need a full PC to do.

Mayoo614 says:

Rumours today that ITunes would come to Android. If this happens, Music will be killed, slowly, painfully.

In Canada, absolute no chance that Music can start. Itunes already available for years. Impossible for Google to catch up. They don't know how to do this business, every attempt is futile.

dtlorman says:

How do you figure iTunes would kill Music? At this moment, they are two completely different products...until Apple offers a music subscription service, the two really do not compete directly.

qwick says:

Exactly, all-access is subscription based music. itunes doesn't even offer this.

Plus for those that really care about itunes, most likely have an iphone...

Personally I have never purchased music downloads, I have always preferred the all you can eat subscriptions, and thus never have or will use itunes.

dchawk81 says:

A lot of people hate the iTunes process and see it as a necessary evil. It's not the be-all.

jtc276 says:

Google Music is nearly flawless and better than Spotify in every way...but I'm hoping a cross platform application is created for iOS fairly soon so I can also use it on my iPad as I did with Spotify. Oh, and some social features would be nice but they're not a deal breaker for me. Either way, this is a good update to a great service that I will gladly pay $8 a month to have.

Jonneh says:

I think Google Music is called "gMusic" on iOS

benurd says:

Effin finally! I've already unsubscribed to this service. It needs more work. I was pissed about not being able to delete music, and the song selection isn't up to par for my choice in music just yet.

Its a good update. I like Google play music over spotify . Google has more music then spotify has and if you are in the Google ecosystem Google play music is the way to go.

techymarkbo says:

Awesome...I was waiting for the share feature etc!

Dperks17 says:

Does it fix the always running in the task manager on samsung devices running touchwiz? And also the huge cache it builds. I updated it to 5.0 after about 4 days of minimum use it had 480mb cached.

SlappyMcgee says:

This!!! Ever since the last update Music keeps running in the background and it is effecting my battery life. Even if I kill the process it will start itself back up.

Plus I hope the fix the PC Music Manager App. It keeps downloading duplicates of my purchased songs.

...and it still has the bug where the first press of My Library still takes you back to Listen Now. It's pretty annoying having to swipe the menu and press My Library twice every time I open Play Music.

...and the Android Central app has a bug where it won't post a comment because I'm not logged in even though I'm logged in with the app (going to Account opens my account profile). I had to pay this in the browser.

jaymars says:

Do you guys have a Thumbs Up playlist on the app? All I have is Last Added and Free Songs in my auto-playlists.

joemd60 says:

I don't download much music. I use the Tunein radio app more than anything else.
But when I do, I use Amazon MP3, and the cloud. I feel it's easier to download and save my music, on my device and SD card.
And IMHO, Google Plays album art is a mess, they need to fix that.

EeZeEpEe says:

Easier than just tapping "Add to My Library" then pinning it for offline use?

CBMC says:

I can't seem to download the new version. Keeps downloading the 1027 version not the 1041. On all 4 of my Android devices. (aokp Nexus 7,gnex, s3, and a Toshiba thrive)

dchawk81 says:

I had to uninstall the old update to get the new one, on both my phone ad my tablet.

CBMC says:

I tried uninstalling the app. Still stuck on old version. Any ideas?

dchawk81 says:

I'm going to have to stand corrected. I THOUGHT I was getting the latest but it gave me the one I already had again.

heccubus says:

Can't figure out how to delete tracks.

jabwtv says:

How do you delete tracks?

jabwtv says:

Nevermind I do not have the new version yet

15israellai says:

Why are neither of these apps showing as an update for me?

S_C_B says:

Did anybody else know Alex was the managing editor? Did this just recently happen, or am I just slow? I went to, and there was his name in lights!

anthonok says:

Not showing up for me either still. Really don't want to delete it and try a re install as I've got 6gb of music stored offline

Duffin says:

The feature that would mean I use Music all the time is the ability to set specific folders to show music for. It keeps showing podcasts from BeyondPod in my list of songs and it's really annoying to have to continually skip past them when they randomly play.

I would also LOVE the option to play only music from All Access. Sometimes I just don't want to listen to the music I have on my phone, but there's no easy way to differentiate between music on the phone and music from All Access.

Chondog says:

....does this update bring with it the ability to upload more than 20,000 tracks? No? Once again, it doesn't matter how great you make this app/service.....I'm not going to use it if I can't listen to *my* music. Just can't understand why they don't even offer a "pay" option to exceed 20,000 tracks.

jaymars says:

Because only 0.03% percent of the population will ever need to upload more than twenty thousand songs.

It'd be easier if they did offer a pay option but don't forget, All Access is a little different than other music services. Because it combines the locker with their entire library, you don't necessarily need to upload your entire library, only the tracks that aren't in their library.

So with some initial management, the 20,000 limit only becomes an issue if you have more than 20,000 unmatchable songs.

What would really make it great is if they didn't count matched tracks against your 20,000 songs.

Tower72 says:

Hrm...been out a day already, and still no update for me on the Market :(

dchawk81 says:

Same. I don't know what's going on. Maybe they should call it Google Play Nexus.

ryanparedez says:

Same here. Very curios to why they mention a update and here we are almost a day later and no update available... Mhmm

Tietherope says:

Update not showing in Canada?

bearda says:

Not showing up for a lot of people in the US, either.

ryanparedez says:

So annoying. What is up with that. No official response for this either...

dchawk81 says:

I finally got it.

question, why do you guys always tilt the phone left or right when you take pictures??? (weird question I know)

dchawk81 says:

Because straight on is boring.

joemd60 says:

Google Play has a long way to go before I will use it.
It does not work properly, when you save your music to the device.
I don't want to call Houdini to find the files.
It says on each song, it is saved to the device.
But going into the internal storage yields nothing.

a3uge says:

My biggest gripe is with the active on-the-fly queue. If I want to add a song to the now playing queue, sometimes it just starts playing the new song. This happens if you miss the three dots next to the song to bring up that context menu with 'add to queue.' It's really easy to miss since it's so small. It wipes out everything in your queue too, so it's extra annoying. A long press on a song should ideally bring up the same menu. Even if you click a song to play, it should just insert it into the next item on your queue and start playing.

The queue is also impossible to re-order. I would expect a long press to drag or a flat long icon where I can click and drag a song to re-order my playlist.

dchawk81 says:

You can reorder your queue by dragging from the very left side of the song where the three horizontal bars are.

b1ackjosh says:

They really need to add a play next feature. This the biggest feature that I miss from my old subsonic streaming server. Just hold down on a song in the interface and a menu comes up and you select play next. Easy as that. makes building playlists a breeze.

So pissed right now this just deleted all my music accept for the recent ones