Play Music All Access

Google launches subscription music service, $9.99 per month, 30-day free trial

We're live in San Francisco for the Google I/O keynote presentation, where the search giant unveiled its new music subscription service, Google Play Music All Access. All Access includes such features as Listen Now, which uses Google's data to create a "never-ending" list of music based on your tastes. Demonstrating All Access on-stage at the keynote, Google's Chris Yerga showed the app's music discovery features, including a re-orderable queue of music and music discovery based on your existing library. Yerga described the service as "radio without rules."

Google Play Music All Access will become available today in the U.S., with additional countries following in the future. The price is $9.99 per month, with 30-day trials available. Even better, if you start a trial by June 30, you'll only pay $7.99 per month.

Keep watching our Google I/O keynote liveblog for continuing coverage of all the day's announcements.


Reader comments

Google Play Music All Access unveiled


I was hoping so but I still feel Spotify has more features such as offline play for your saved music which I really enjoy since I dont have a big data limit.

No update for the mobile app yet? I signed up on my desktop however the mobile app doesnt recognize it :/

Well, in the browser I was able to "Add to my library" from something I know I don't have.. guess that's a way for now.

Mmmm.. I have been using Slacker for several years with some ups and downs in their service. The main thing I like with Slacker is creating stations and downloading them to my device to play when streaming is not available. If Google Play offers somethings like this with a damn good overhaul of the Android app, I may have to consider this.

True. I am huge on Spotify. Absolutely loooove my Spotify account and wouldn't have it another way. I also by music from Google Play though, so if I could basically have a Google Spotify with Play Music integration I would be thrilled.

Already signed up for my free trial! (For those looking for a link -- just visit your "My Music" page on the web, and you'll be presented with a sign up box). If I like this, it's bye-bye Rhapsody. Spotify is a non-issue with the Faceplant login requirement (some of us don't use Facebook, sorry!). At least Google doesn't require Google+ to use the new All Access Music service. At 7.99 a month vs Rhapsody's 14.99 for only up to 3 mobile devices, I'll take that, even with the more limited music catalog.

This, as soon as I saw that facebook crap when I downloaded spotify I instantly uninstalled it, no thanks. Rhapsody has been very good for me, and I hate how people just ignored it. Its like spotify came on the scene with all this big press like it was something special and new, but the truth is its nothing new or special and you have been able to get the same service for years from other companies.

If this is as good as it sounds and with Google Music integration then I will cancel my Spotify premium subscription and go to this. I hope Google also allows us to upload music from our Android devices. It would makes things so much easier. It's also ideal for keeping music you downloaded from your phone on the cloud instead of taking up phone memory.

I canceled Spotify and am about to cancel Pandora. Six skips an hour is just ridiculous, and it repeats a lot of songs. I really hope this turns out good. I'm signing up.

lol. I did the same thing. Spotify radio sucks and there is no picking songs with Pandora. Been making playlists all day and so far its just a matter of getting used to it. I like it. Radio seems to learn well compared to spotify. Bitrate seems good too. 320k possibly. its not streaming though as my bandwidth monitor shows as soon as you click a song it grabs it all then plays it locally. its a good idea.

Seems to work fine so far.. new app for the phone as well. gotta check how many songs they have compared to spotify.

Wow they Co. Every killed the ui of the Google play app. The way it organizes your artists list os horrible now with no option for a list. Disappointed.

What about the bitrate? Spotify lets me lock it in at 320kbps. I also can select the quality of the stream based on my data connection (WiFi vs cellular).

Any word on iOS capabilities? While I love my android phone, my wife also has an iPhone and I have an iPad. Spotify is cross-platform which is huge.

Looks like I'll be able to get rid of the Player Pro and Spotify apps and widgets. Nice. Gonna start uploading all my music to Google when I get home. I started with iTunes Match, switched to Amazon and now it's off to Google. Hopefully the third time's a charm.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nexus 10 and the updated version of the app keeps crashing on both every time I even attempt to open it. Anyone else having this issue and found a solution? I've had to uninstall the update in order to get any functionality from Play Music. Which is really annoying as I quite like the look of all the new features!

I used a Zune for many years and am very much behind the subscription format.

My zune died and given Microsoft's abandonment I was more or less resigned to looking for another solution. I had my entire zune library but apart from the 10 drm-free I had every month (which I usually would forget to use) most of them were now unusable, but I hadn't deleted them.

Google music identified them and matched them all with stuff from their servers. Sweet.

hmmm it complained about the DRM on a lot of them.... why? could it not match the music to what's on their servers?

This could be a win, and I signed up on day 1 just as I did for Spotify. I'll test for a month and see how it goes.

What I like...
- one single player for my device-based music, my cloud-based music, and a full Spotify-style music selection.

What I'll have to try out and ponder...
- playlists
- radio capabilities

What I don't like...
- the damned moving album cover on the now playing screen (how do I get rid of that, it's freakin annoying?!?!)
- if I drop Spotify, I lose it on my Sonos, too. Sadness.

This clearly has an opportunity to pull me away from both Spotify and Emusic - I'll move from $22/mo to $8/mo. Win.

And, it will consolidate three apps into one. Hell, if Google adds an internet radio interface, I could drop XiiaLive and TuneIn, too.