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All Access makes its first expansion outside the United States

Folks down in Australia and New Zealand will be the first outside of the U.S. to get Google's latest subscription music service, Google Play Music All Access. An update to a Google Play support document today lists the two countries as having the new service available, with little else to go on. Presumably the appropriate deals have been made to offer the entire music collection available here in the U.S. to folks down under. All Access seems to be pretty well-received -- we're certainly enjoying it -- so it's great to see the service expand outside of the states.

Hopefully this paves the way for additional countries to get the service in the coming months, as over a dozen countries currently have access to the basic user-upload Google Play Music features.

Source: Google Play Support


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Google Play Music All Access now available in Australia and New Zealand


Maybe if we all start a online petition to bring google play music to Canada and show it to the CRTC and the MPP's

I also want this service in Canada!

Google Play Music apps tease me by offering me the subscribtion even if I can't!

Actually that document is not completely updated. Today Google Books started to appear in Sweden and we can now buy books. When we search we also get hits on artists etc. but get an error when we try to read more about them. It might suggest that they are rolling out Google Music to even more countries now that they have updated Google Play.

Alright Google!!! This is good news! I agree that this is a step forward in helping to bring additional countries the option of enjoying the Google Play Music All Access subscription service to many. Keep up the good work!

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Yeah well New Zealand doesn't have books magazines movies or anything other then music,we deserve this,no?

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Hmmmmm...a little off topic but Google apparently canceled my All Access subscription without sending me an email or anything. I'll be pretty angry if I can't get my $7.99 a month back.

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