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We know lots of you still use the Twitters for a lot of your social networking needs -- no matter how good Google+ becomes -- and so we bring news of a hot new account that you all should follow. Google Play is widening its horizons, and now has an official Twitter account, @GooglePlay. 

The first tweet from Google Play read like this: 

Hello World! Follow us for special promotions, exclusive content, updates, and awesomeness from Google Play

We don't know about you guys, but special promotions on its own makes it worthwhile. Hit the source link below to get your follow on. 

Source: @GooglePlay

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What's that Twitter client called?

FineWolf says:


rosser says:

Tweet Lanes, I believe.

FineWolf says:


Thanks mate!

kraski says:

I believe they're talking Twitter account, not Twitter app.

Pl4ub says:

I basically just use twitter as "rss feed" program o.O