HTC One M8 GPe mockup

If you've been patiently awaiting word that your Google Play edition HTC One M8 has shipped, well, there's a good chance it did. Yesterday. We just got a heads up that ours will arrive today (with overnight shipping), so we'll soon get a chance to see how Google's working the Duo Camera features, and whether the popular Dot View case still works. Stay tuned for more.

The M8 marks the sixth Android device to join the Google Play edition ranks, along with the original HTC One M7, Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Z Ultra, LG G Pad 8.3 and the Motorola Moto G.

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sebianoti says:

Do an unboxing video as well!

Orion78 says:

$700 though.

sebianoti says:

HTC One M8 though.

Orion78 says:

What about it?

misaacs6516 says:

It would be hard for me to spend double the price of the N5. This would be a good 499 phone. Just my opinion though

pachi72 says:

The N5 is nothing compare to this..This has better components..Better screen, processor,boom sound etc. You get what you paid for.

Channan says:

Nexus 5 has a slightly better display, a processor that's almost as good, as much RAM, and a better camera, wrapped up in a device that's smaller, costs half as much, and will get more and faster updates than the new HTC One.

DaGODFather says:

Although I agree that if you want stock to just get the Nexus 5 but to say the N5 has slightly better display and a better camera is not true. That might be your opinion but its not fact,based on the N5 vs the The ONE article.

DaGODFather says:

So what about Alex's review? "HTC manages to pull ahead in terms of display quality though, offering a more vibrant image and, according to third-party testing, a wider color gamut too. The M8 covers 110% of sRGB versus the Nexus 5’s 98%, meaning it can represent a wider range of colors."

Channan says:

That was one aspect of the screen. Phone Arena covered multiple.

garment69 says:

Slightly better display? No. I disagree and I have used both. The M8's is better. The processor is close, yes I agree. Dont forget wireless charging too. BUT, the N5 battery life sucks and the M8 is stellar. So that, in my book, makes it the far superior device. Not to mention the gorgeous metal frame and boomsound speakers.

Channan says:

You're only thinking about one or two aspects of the display. Maybe you like the over saturated colors. The higher contrast is nice, but there's more to a good display than that.

I don't really consider wireless charging as a bonus. I suppose for some people it is.

I'm not arguing which device is superior. I was making a case against the person that said the Nexus 5 doesn't even compare to the One.

camera531 says:

I have both and just want to say that the M8 screen is MUCH BETTER than the N5. The N5 is decent (and only decent), but has multiple points of light bleeding with dark backgrounds (every one I've seen has this) and looking at many angles, you can see the backlight wash over the screen. Both of these issues are inexcusable in 2014 on a phone like this (with a 1080 IPS panel). The M8's screen has much better contrast and color saturation (the N5 is somewhat washed out) and has outstanding viewing angles with no visible backlight wash.

gtg465x says:

As a former M7 owner and current Nexus 5 owner, I agree that the Nexus 5's camera is better (the photos it takes, not the camera app!), but I wouldn't say the Nexus 5's display is better. The Nexus 5's display has more accurate color reproduction, but the gamma is oddly calibrated to 2.0 instead of the standard 2.2, the contrast is much lower, and viewing angles aren't as good as the M8's display, so overall, I would say the M8 has the better display.

Kepa Neesen says:

By "better display" I assume you mean the higher pixel density on the Nexus 5. Believe me, that's negligible, the it's a matter of a few more per inch and it's impossible to see. And no, I'm not hating on the Nexus, it's still the best phone value you can get. I just prefer the HTC One for the metal and speakers.

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Channan says:

No, I mean the Nexus 5 has lower minimum brightness, better color temperature, more accurate colors, and better grayscale. The M8 does have better viewing angles and a slightly brighter display, though.

The regular unlocked M8 is $50 cheaper. doesn't make a lot of sense that the stock Android experience should be $50 more.

BldyIdt says:

It makes sense when you think of it actually: how would they promote their software/work by selling the GPe edition at a lower price?

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bhatech says:

Then buy the crapped carrier version. There is always the choice if not the best one.

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Orion78 says:

I'm not getting either phone. lol

SlimJ87D says:

There's nothing wrong with getting the carrier version. If you get it for cheaper, you can always unlock the bootloader, S-OFF it and flash the google play ROM.

That's how it was for the M7, and it was quite easy.

djkinetic says:

You can flash a GPe rom without S-OFF, the only reason you need S-Off is to flash the bootloader with the GPe bootloader in order to get OTAs. But rom builders can easily just take the /system from any stock GPe image and build a fully functional rom for any of the M8 variants.

liathar says:

ha! come to Turkey, where it's just $1250!

This is silly. You want Stock? Buy a Nexus 5. A new chassis isn't worth the massive increase in price. If you're buying M8, buy the Sense version.

tdizzel says:

Thank you for deciding what everyone's personal preference should be

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

Someone's gotta make the smart decisions.

tdizzel says:

I'm still waiting for you to make one

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

KoukiFC3S says:

Nice lol

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Stupid people don't usually recognize smart decisions. So I'm pointing it out to you.

jlczl says:

Stupid people usually think their decisions are the only smart ones.

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Habiib says:

The only other items I can think of would be the BoomSound speakers, Amplified headphone output 32GB storage, 5MP FF camera, better battery life, slightly better processor, and gesture controls. I've never been a purist, but I can see how the Google play editions could have some appeal (for certain users).

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jonnyships says:

If I needed a new phone now, I'd probably buy it.

Channan says:

The Nexus 5 has a 32GB option. Should have mentioned the microSD slot instead.

Habiib says:

I stand corrected, thanks for the reminder.

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hmmm says:

I'd buy this if/when Google stops selling their Nexus line. Until then there is no way any phone is worth twice what a Nexus is worth or even something like the Moto X, which AC says is the best phone in the universe.. I'd even use a Galaxy nexus vs paying $700 for a phone. If Goog stops subsidizing though I suppose eventually I would buy one. I just wouldn't do it until about 3 years after buying my current phone.

benurd says:


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smeghead4269 says: Nexus 5: $349.00 or $399.00. Moto X: $349.99 or $399.99.

Technically the Nexus is cheaper, though only by 99 cents. (insert Macklemore reference here)

cguella says:

For complete understanding can someone explain - The "T-Mobile bands" is that 700mhz old VZW bands for upcoming AWS plus 1700/1900/2100? And then 1700 Band 4? People always refer to the Bands and not exactly sure what that means. And for the Google Play edition - confirmed to have these "T-Mobile Bands"? I would like to order this but not if my 3G/2G speeds are going to suck. THANKS!

jdbii says:

I have the same question. Hopefully AC eventually does an article explaining different bands for different models, but it might take time and real world troubleshooting. Last year's HTC One GPe's limitations on T-Mobile LTE weren't widely known at first.

gfbiii says:

Phil, thanks for the heads up. Any idea on what the biggest difference will be from your perspective, particularly as it relates to camera setup?

jtc276 says:

If only my Developer Edition would finally ship...

trekk says:

Is this ever gonna come to Canada

aca_041 says:

does it retain the camera and boomsound on GE?

blackroseMD1 says:


lindseybp says:

Now if Verizon would ever allow any google play editions I would be happy. VZW is so dumb on this.

blackroseMD1 says:

Sweet. Can't wait to try out the GPe software on my Sense version.

shaytoon21 says:

ship it, ship it in forward, ship it, ship it in reverse.

So tempted to buy this. 700 is tough

Analyss14 says:

Seriously +1. I went down that road playing full price for my GS3 and Note 2 and after buying the Nexus 5 and seeing the Moto X, it's painful to consider paying $700 plus for another phone. That said though, I've had nothing but trouble with wi-fi and All Access on my Nexus 5 and even Google can't figure out the problem but are stalling on RMA. Just to ditch All Access and get a 128gb card to use for music on this phone would be so sweet. If this was $599 plus tax I would buy it in a heartbeat.

ratpakk2 says:

Will Camera write to SD card? It doesn't on other GPE devices.

jimbo says:

Good question.
I also doubt the other photo editing features (likely part of Sense) involving the duo camera will be available.

ratpakk2 says:

It really stinks that writing to an SD card with a stock google camera app is an unsupported "feature". They note this on the play store when you buy the device.

ratpakk2 says:

They should* note this.

mxmarcus says:

Too bad, it cannot be used with CDMA operators. i just have to wait for Nexus 6 on Sprint

mattw6789 says:

I had a GPE M7, it was my very first Android phone (after owning every iPhone). It was really amazing. I was always more inclined for a stock experience to test out Android, and with the stellar M7 hardware, I found it a no brainer. Yes, the $650 was a lot, but it was unlocked and off contract so I kept my plan as it (unlimited data on at&t).

The only weaknesses it had was the camera and battery. I switched to the Nexus 5 when it came out just due to that fact. Definitely gained that camera with the Nexus. I was curious about a GPe M8, but for $700, that subpar camera is just a really tough pill to swallow. Cant believe they didn't upgrade a least a few megapixels.

jc411 says:

looks nice. if your not a fan of sense but want the M8 phone, get this.

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